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The morning star as you say is is close to nunchaku, but in the current build I need the handle to do damage (as well as spikeball) to fully utilise the nunchaku moves i know. Both sides of the chain/joint are grabbable currently which is essential for doing the moves, but if both sides (handle and spikeball) did damage on collision then alot more moves would actually be viable in combat. E.g I need something like the morningstar, but with a small spikeball mounted on a small handle on each side of the flexible joint. Mirror symetry on the weapon would be a bonus. I would play hours of this game with nunchucks alone, and prob make countless vids too... if you can make it happen :D

Would be happy to playtest for feedback obviously :D Didn't realise you had a reddit :D Will check it out now!

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I have to thank you Raithza. Its mainly because of GORN that our YouTube channel oVRactive has been growing so quickly. We were one of the first channels to upload GORN content. I absolutely love the game and so do our viewers, always asking for more. You should be aware that on our channel alone we have over 70k GORN related hits. Looking at larger channels, this game has massive exposure! I have played countless hours of GORN, countless. Please check out the channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqXRqyrFGzZF7Qy2r...


Having played so damn much of this game I feel I could help out well with playtesting, suggestions, feedback, weapon balance, difficulty, and I'd be happy to since we figure we owe you one for making such an interesting VR game prototype free to us. I can't wait to buy it.

The way you got around the 'not having weight' is really good IMHO, with the 'floppy' weapons that can accomodate for collisions and give-out to resistance is probably the best method for doing it.

My biggest request would be to add more exotic weapons. Bo-staff, naginata, wolverineclaws, and I would freak out if you added nunchaku. The spikeflail is halfway there. But there are many more requests and suggestions I could give.

Best of luck with the rest of the game! Shout me up for anything I can help with and we will buy as soon as you release it :D

-RageMaster @ oVRactive