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I'm pretty sure you are forced to rape/torment Kurohime to recruit her to your cause for events later in the game, the others may be optional but if they end up in Ryen's rape dungeon it's likely part of the story that he forces himself on them. I'd rather that not be the case as the idea of a path where you don't rape them but find another solution to punish their misdeeds or convince them to side with you sounds right up my alley. Millaine does offer herself but it always felt more like she was picking the lesser of two evils as if her secret got out in the holy country then she would be ruined so she has sex with Ryen even though it seems like she doesn't want it, maybe I picked up the wrong signals but that's just what it felt like to me. I'm assuming Zady is the dark sorceress, if so she states that she doesn't want to have sex with Ryen or drink the potion but he forces her to drink it and waits until it drives her mad and consents which sounds a lot like drugging a woman. You say later there's a new love potion that reveals people's true feelings but that sounds like a fix to a questionable scene that uses a different potion entirely (I hope it's actually not the case as I do like the idea of seeing the sorceress again under more obvious consenting conditions). I also welcomed Aleah to my castle as she is such a gentle sweetheart that I couldn't imagine anyone locking her in a dungeon. As for calling me a hypocrite, I feel that is undeserved as I don't play games to be a jerk and seeing characters wiping up the mess afterwards was often from a vile npc raping a character that I wasn't allowed to stop until after the act, which usually resulted in me killing them even if there was an option to spare them (why would I spare a raping monster?) and choosing to follow a path of kinder choices and bonding with the girls in a similar way as I do when playing Renryuu Ascension. It feels like you are making similar arguments to what I am and then claiming I'm a jerk, as Ryen engages in plenty of similar acts as the character of this game just not as quickly and the main character of this game does earn their affection even if at first he enslaves some of them at first (sometimes to save them from some darker fate). I'm not saying you should feel bad for enjoying Renryuu Ascension as it is an incredible game, I'm just trying to point out it is just as full of dark acts just brought in a little later. I enjoy both games and if I feel like playing this game is fine, it's a game that gives you a choice in being a jerk or just coming off as a bit of a jerk while having a heart of gold. I also hope that both games see more obvious good paths as I have straight up quit many games after getting an hour in and finding nothing but rape and despair. And if you don't feel like giving this game another shot then that is entirely your choice as well, play what you want and have fun with it as all should be free to do! Within reason of course.

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I never tormented Kurohime, it is quite the opposite, according to her, I made her feel better than she ever did. Let me tell you how I chose to deal with her. Kurohime attempted to assassinate me, then my headmaid captured her and I held her in my dungeon. Then it is up to you to choose how you want to deal with her. You can indeed rape her if you want. But you can also, and this is what I did, focus on foreplay only at first to get her aroused in the mood for more then only then have sex with her, and here again, you can choose how to do it, rough or sweet, of course I chose sweet. Ryen announces her from the beginning how he intends to deal with her: make her feel so good that she will get addicted to his cock and can no more live without it in order to ensure her loyalty. And this is what I did, I treated her so kindly and I cared so much about her that she eventually fell for me and chose on her own to serve me. I never forced her to anything, I have always paid good attention to her needs and mood. I ended her training only when her joy was at max.

No, you never have to rape anyone to advance in the story, Irlina and Lace indeed end in your dungeon, which is not necessarily a "rape dungeon" if you don't want to use it this way by the way, but you can just ignore them as once they end in your dungeon, they have no more part in the story, raping them only unlocks CG, that's all. But you have a point, I don't like to keep them in a cell, so I suggested to the developer to give the choice to the player to take Irlina into their dungeon or to hand over her to the guards in the Redwood mansion to let them deal with her and a good path for Lace and they liked my suggestion so they added these changes in their to do list.  ;-)

If Ryen betrays Millaine's trust and looks at her box content, then it indeed feels like Millaine doesn't have a choice. But if Ryen chooses to be worthy of her trust and doesn't look into her box, then she tasks him with another errand for her and while the result is the same, this time it doesn't feel like she doesn't have a choice since this time, she trusts Ryen, , it rather feels like she wants it. I remind you that her secret is that she is fond of sex and also the fact that since she lives in a religious country, it has been a long time since she got the chance to have fun with a man. So she is more than happy that Ryen came to her fort and gives her what she misses.

I told you that Ryen wanted to test Zady's love potion on herself since she uses to play tricks, he doesn't trust her so he wants to check its effects before giving it to someone. Of course, he is more than happy to experience that her love potion is the real deal. Also, she doesn't exactly consent, she actually pushes Ryen on the bed and rides him to his pleased astonishment.  And what really matters to me is the after effect, how Zady feels after this experience, and she doesn't mind it so I don't see anything wrong here. I mean, if Zady herself has no problem with it, then why should I have one?

No, what I said is that she later tests a new recipe for the love potion on Elly and Grey then after all 3 of them ran all the way to the castle and into Ryen's room in order to fuck him, she reveals that the true effect of a love potion is to make people be honest with their true desires and this is why they all felt a sudden urge to fuck Ryen. Meaning that a love potion doesn't create desire out of nowhere. It merely forces the desire to go all out but the desire was already there from the beginning.

Don't worry, I made sure to send the old woman who locked Aleah in her basement to jail where she can reflect on her deeds.

I understand your feelings because to me, rape is THE unforgivable deed so me too I wouldn't exactly be willing to spare a rapist even if he begs for mercy and I usually have mercy, not for rapists.

Excuse-me but I have spent hundreds of hours being Ryen, exploring every place, interacting with every inhabitant of this world, discovering every each thing that this world had to offer, and I never ever had experiment anything as disgusting as what I experimented with Alina in Harem Collector. For starters, as Ryen, I didn't enslave anybody, I even forbid slavery in Central, when I discovered the thiefs guild with their slavers, I wanted to destroy it, and when I discovered Dorgania, I was mortified to witness slaves misery everywhere and I still hope that I will eventually be able to convince the king Lancafew to abolish slavery since he likes me so much that he is willing to give me favors. When I questioned him about slavery, he told that it is a necessary evil. Meaning that he doesn't exactly likes it since he considers it as evil. He allows it only because he thinks it is necessary, his country needs it. So if I can give him an alternative, he might be willing to put an end to this evil. Anyway, my point is that, as Ryen, I never enslaved anybody. The very first girl who joined my harem in Harem Collector, I was forced to enslave her... She didn't join me on her free will, so I don't feel her like a reward, that doesn't feel satisfying to have her. I didn't give her a choice, I took her away from her family without any care about what she wanted as if she was an item, not a person. I really disliked it when he put a slave collar on her. Really. A lot. In second, sex scenes in Renryuu really get me in the mood. I can't take sex seriously in Harem Collector. I don't believe that a girl is wet for the jerk that she just met and who enslaved her, that she feels anything else than pain when this jerk thrusts into her virgin pussy without any delicacy, certainly tearing her hymen apart, but without making her bleed, and disgust when a jerk that she didn't choose steal her unique first time, her first experience having a man inside her, her precious virginity. This sex scene just feels not credible to me, it just feels as the fantasy of a man who wants to dominate women and wants that women enjoy his domination, fantasy that I don't share, so this game is made to fulfill a fantasy which is not mine so it is not for me, this is how it makes me feel. And to finish, as Ryen, I never felt such disdain for women as I felt when I casually used Alina's panties as if it was a rag to wipe my cum of my dick, disdain feeling which made me want to quit the game and uninstall it from my PC right away.

Wow, you are willing to play for one hour to games which offer you nothing but rape and dispair! Now I understand why you were willing to continue playing this game after how it forced you to treat Alina. If a game makes me experiment something that I dislike from the start, I certainly am not willing to experiment any more of it. You know the saying: the first impression is the decisive one. ;-3


It's clear that you aren't truly here to be reasonable, as you seem to take jabs at everyone at every chance you can get then claim they are at fault when they jab back. As for the games, Renryuu does offer choices in many areas but you keep denying that many of the acts started out as/still are terrible while tearing this game apart from less than 10 minutes of gameplay. If this game isn't for you just leave, as you haven't succeeded in changing anyone's minds on this game and may have caused harm for Renryuu Ascension's reputation for fans of this game. Some people find Alina's enjoyment unbelievable and/or reprehensible, some people find imprisoning Kurohime and molesting or raping her to loving you unbelievable and/or reprehensible. I won't be responding past this as it's likely you are only interested in insulting this game and it's fans while advertising a game that is full of just as dark moments optional and not.

I'm sorry that you take my feedbacks as insults.

I came to the same conclusion as you, I better just leave it at that.