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It's clear that you aren't truly here to be reasonable, as you seem to take jabs at everyone at every chance you can get then claim they are at fault when they jab back. As for the games, Renryuu does offer choices in many areas but you keep denying that many of the acts started out as/still are terrible while tearing this game apart from less than 10 minutes of gameplay. If this game isn't for you just leave, as you haven't succeeded in changing anyone's minds on this game and may have caused harm for Renryuu Ascension's reputation for fans of this game. Some people find Alina's enjoyment unbelievable and/or reprehensible, some people find imprisoning Kurohime and molesting or raping her to loving you unbelievable and/or reprehensible. I won't be responding past this as it's likely you are only interested in insulting this game and it's fans while advertising a game that is full of just as dark moments optional and not.


I'm sorry that you take my feedbacks as insults.

I came to the same conclusion as you, I better just leave it at that.