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Aw shoot. When I reached Act 2 my game chases every 1 minute during first cutscenes and I have to start from the last save with Lily!(I'm sad...)

So far I finished Prologue and Act 1 so I'm going to speak from my feeling towards them.(Even though I didn't finished the Demo) I like everything so far the art is good, the story is decent and easy to understand, and the world is not too small and not too big which is good by my book.  The characters are diverse yet simple but not blank(Which is again, just as I like).

Personally I like Sam(Male Protagonist) and Princess Lily(Poor girl), if there is going to be a option I would like Sam and Lily to be official couple (I was choosing the "nice" dialogue options, because they are good kids and the plot looks like will have them both as Main Hero and Main Heroine role)! Unfortunately they didn't even meet each other but I hope Sam can help her!

The only problem I have is a act 2 beginning cutscenes and lagging in some parts of the game. But that's probably my old computer's problem.

Overall good work JaBud Games! I hope I will be able to play the full version of our game one day! Good luck! 


Thank you! We’re working tirelessly to get rid of the lag and the evil crash bug :( 

If u can push through the cutscene, the game will stop crashing as often, plus the auto save will also salvage things for you ^_^

Stay tune! The next update will have tons and tons of new stuff after we fix the bugs and make the dialogue choices even better ^_^

Thanks for playing!

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Nothing about Lily x Sam? *Sad* ;( 

(I didn't realize that you guys used default name "Sam" for both genders! Sorry! I was talking about "Male Sam x Lily" this whole time!)

Although, judging by the comment above me about Tyran. Maybe I should hold my horses and rethink about "main couple" thing.

*Khm* *Khm*!

Anyway, I finally finished playing finished version 0.9.1 and this time everything was working smoothly, thanks a bundtch(Well except the "meeting" with King William was lagging and game crashed again. Also there was a error when after joining Academy I go to tavern.)!

There is a lot of stuff to talk about! But I don't want to ruin everuone's fun with this comment(And my memmory is pretty bad anyway), but that clifenger at the end of the demo made me angry! But that's a good thing I guess, that mean I enjoyed the game.

I thinking about becoming a Patron member to sopport this game, because I see a lot passion putted in it. But it's my first time becoming a Patron member and I'm a little nervous and unsure if I can keep up with monthly charges. You see, I'm not from USA and my currency is asking a little bit more for say 1$ (^_^; ) Yeah, maybe I should start with 1$.... I'm sorry.

Anyway, hope you have a good day JaBub Games. Keep us informed about your god's work and good luck!

P.S- I forgot to write about something. I guess the one thing that cut me off guard was time. It flew out fast! It's not a bad thing though! I just need to get used to fast storytelling, hehehe... And I guess dialogue choices are a little bit confusing. I get used the fact that the "best"/"good" dialogue choices are always at the top. And while their ARE at the top, I need to watch cautiously to not accidentally accept the deal with bandits! Hehehe...

P.S.S- Also what are Male/Female Sam default classes? Judging by the main artwork I can say that Female Sam is Rogue, and Male Sam  is.... Mage I assume? (Even though I was choosing him as Warrior this whole time! Hehehe.)

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Hey! There are a *ton* of interactions with Sam and Lily later on ^_^ it’s just too much spoiler to let you know and act 3 and four are coming out soon ^_^

And yes the dialogue choices are sometimes scattered just to keep the player on their toes haha. Though most sarcastic options are found at the bottom ^_^

For default classes, the female is a rogue and the male is a warrior ^_^ 

Thanks so much for playing! we’d love the support on patreon but don’t feel obligated to do so. We will be releasing Rising Saga the full game free for everyone ^_^