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(Forgive me if the html/formatting isn't perfect -- this is my first comment on itch and there doesn't seem to be a preview button).

Did u like it

I had some trouble starting the game -- I'd downloaded the "Normal" zip file for *Android*, you see. In my Windows-using priviledge, my hubris, I'd neglected to read the file name all the way through and clicked the first download link that seemed to be the default. Once I got that figured out though, the game ran smoothly with no issues.
As soon as the option to pick a route appeared, my immediate choice was Venus. I was intrigued by his past with Sun, and wanted to see how they would reconcile and reminisce. Also I have a thing for hoity-toity pretty boys, and his six-pack window was too extra for me to resist.
So in wild irony,  he's one of the few routes that isn't yet available. Haha.
Still, there are many more suitors for Sun to choose from.  With my desire for reconciliation still in mind, I went for the freshly disgraced Terra... And to keep this comment from getting too ridiculously lengthy: I decided I liked the game. The rest is history, as they say.

Favorite character/routes

Neptune was the first LI who I found hugely relatable, and I must specify that I'm PICKY with my female routes. I loved that she had the potential to be emotional and raw and violent, but also mature, cold and logical. She's also something of a Mean Girl (as seen in Pluto's route), which most people may consider a turn-off... but you know what, I was down with it. I'd ride or die with this babe. <spoiler>[I adore Pluto, but if someone's dogs chased my cats, I'd get bitchy too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not to the point of physically harming an animal, but still.....]</spoiler>
It's true that her route ends abruptly, but I chalked it up to the game being in-progress and didn't dwell on it too hard. I still had a lovely time with her, and a small part of me enjoyed her  <spoiler>[beating the crap out of Terra in her route. That's what you get for drunkenly crashing my party you jerk.]</spoiler>
Of course, I then found myself hugely charmed by Jupiter. 
Ah, curse my weakness for bigger men who have loved you all along. He's awkward in his largeness, but sweet and protective and capable. There's a curious amount sexual tension in his route, which was pleasing. Terra had *some* tension, but each romantic moment was created and resolved fairly quickly -- whereas Jupiter's tension lingers and pines (which is more engaging, in my opinion). 
The subplot with his asteroid-throwing job, and the pressure it puts on his sense of responsibility and creativity--wooh! This route was a generous one! Much more giving and fun than I expected.  <spoiler>[And it was JUICY TOO. For Terra to show up when he did!!! It had me actually screaming. And the plot twist! P.S, Terra, please stop infiltrating the other routes, you're just hurting yourself over and over lmao ;_;]</spoiler> 
I'd say Jupiter's route was single-handedly worth the download. <3

Other points neither here not there;

>On starting the game, the twinkle-twinkle music box tune and the slow-appearing planet buttons gave me a sense of assuaging calm. On subsequent playthroughs, the music held up its comforting accord. The slow-appearing buttons, however, proved a minor nuisance. I had strategically placed saves! Let me load faster, dangnabit!
>I hit the download link largely because I was entranced by all the colors in the sprites. Although I wasn't conventionally thirsting after any of the characters, I was still strangely drawn to their designs. The dissolve effect, by the way, was used on blushing to great effect. I played and replayed an animation of Ur getting red at the cheeks early in the game, gleeful to have this power over him.
>I'm impressed with the educational glossary!!! I only glanced over it very briefly (I'm preoccupied with learning other things in my life atm), but more science/space-inclined players should love it. ^^
>I appreciate and relate to the subtle cues that Sun is dealing with... depression, perhaps? Low self-esteem at times? There's allusions to her hibernation and self-isolating habits, and an overall sense that she's not a perfect character.
>I appreciate that the dialogue menu box changes a little depending on which route you're on. :')
>The concept of celestial bodies put me in the mind of royalty, and I was a little disappointed that it wasn't pushed a bit further in that direction. Granted, if I wanted to date members of a royal court, there's already a million games with that theme in the VN community. I'm not in urgent need to see the concept recycled here.
>All that said, I would love to see the characters' wardrobe take more inspiration from... high fashion, perhaps, or red carpet events. To give them unique silhouette shapes and asymmetrical lines. (Except perhaps Terra who seems to be a closet weeb. I tolerate and warily love this about him).

Thank you to the MOS team for putting the game together and working so hard. ❤ I promise it is shining through, and I look forward to seeing the game's continued polish.

So many things I'd like to say to this, but let's start with thank you! So thrilled to hear that you liked the game not only enough to comment but to make one this in-depth. I'm super happy that you like Neptune; she is a complicated character but she deserves love too.

We've taken note of some of your feedback and have some updates in mind for the full version, so hopefully we won't disappoint. I can only hope that Venus lives up to all the interest he's been getting. xD