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It can't be helped. The cost to actually make a game with 10 distinct routes and full voice acting is not small.

The demo is available for free so I'd recommend you try it out yourself, but you do start off already in a romantic relationship, even if things aren't going the best.

No, the full game will be commercial, as it has quite a lot of content and full voice acting. The planned price point is $20 USD, but if that changes we'll be sure to announce it.

It's great to hear that you've enjoyed it! We are planning to expand things some for the full game, including both CGs and choices and just generally more development. Hopefully we'll be able to please you with the updates.

The menu at the bottom of the screen has one button called "History"

Ahaha yeah, it seems like this game is difficult for people to get through. Keep in mind that the characters react differently to different teas. For instance, the character on the left really loves the catnip chamomile tea and it makes her feel good, but if you want her to talk about uncomfortable things that may not be a good thing!

The history screen allows you to filter by character so you can review who's said what and such more easily. Hopefully that will help you navigate your unlocks.

Hi there Purrz. The bad ending is shorter than the good one, to be sure, but there are also a couple scenes that have yet to be added to Pluto's route due to *cough* art requirements. It'll happen eventually, heheh.

I'll see what I can do!

Try being supportive and encouraging towards him rather than just trying to jump his bones. ;)

Thank you, I'm so glad you think so! We had a lot of fun making the game and the story, so it's great to see someone enjoying it so much.

Hmmm. We might be able to set up a ko-fi or something....

Yes, the ice giants need that love to melt their hearts and other cheesy symbolism!

So many things I'd like to say to this, but let's start with thank you! So thrilled to hear that you liked the game not only enough to comment but to make one this in-depth. I'm super happy that you like Neptune; she is a complicated character but she deserves love too.

We've taken note of some of your feedback and have some updates in mind for the full version, so hopefully we won't disappoint. I can only hope that Venus lives up to all the interest he's been getting. xD

Ayy, a Pluto fan. Pluto's relationship with Neptune is pretty complicated. Ironically, had Sun not recognized him as an official planet she would probably be championing him just as much as she does all the other dwarfs. But she thinks he got his position by trickery and does not deserve it. This is actually the second time it's been suggested to me that some reconciliation happen at some point. If we're able to get enough interest that it seems viable to make bonus content, we'll see what I can do!

Hey there, Sherkin, we wanted to thank you for your continued engagement and helping us find issues in the game. As a reward, we'd like to offer you either a sketch or bonus scene featuring whichever MoS character is your favorite. I was unable to message you directly or find your twitter so I had to reply here, haha. Please let us know what you'd like!

Hi Sherkin! Yes, that is the bad ending, lol. You'll have to try again with different choices to see if you can win the good one!

Hey there! I've been unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned, however I have made a fresh build for you after verifying that I can play through and past the part in question. Hopefully this one will work okay for you.

This example is a cautionary tale of what can happen when you rush too fast to the finish line and forget your regression testing. That stuff exists for a reason to make sure that you don't accidentally break what was already working. Please use it. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Hello, as Neptune's writer I have to admit her ending is a little rushed. I'm planning to have some improvements ready for the second wave of release so please look forward to it.

Can't really blame you for favoring Pluto; I picked him to write for a reason. :3 Pluto come over here and say hi to your fan, bae.

Pluto: Wait, what? How do I keep getting fans? You can't just push me out here and expect me to - o_o Oh. Uhm. Hi.


What do I say now? E-emp? Where'd you go?! T_T

Second batch should be out fairly fast, containing Terra, Saturn, and Ur. We also plan to spruce up the original routes some as we release more content so you could always just play them now AND later. ;D

Thank you! We're so happy that you enjoyed it that much. This kind of feel is pretty much exactly what we were going for, and it's very encouraging and motivating to find that it worked for at least one person.

Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback! We're glad you're enjoying it despite the difficulties. We're quite aware that the game can be confusing especially at first, and we have some ideas on how to help that without revealing too much, but it'd be non-trivial to do and we didn't want to delay the release any longer. Look forward to some improvements in that area for the remastered version, and in the mean time we're working on an optional DLC guide that contains both a non-spoiler hint section and also a deep (and spoiler-heavy) dive into the story/mechanics, characters, and development process.

Love the flavor of the text and the puns! This is so cute and funny.

You can, but I just realized that I put the time in wrong to begin with (It was always supposed to go right up to the end of the month). So now that I've fixed it, you still have today to work on it.