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I tried the demo!

Art: Looks great. Like the macabre theme.

Gameplay: Pretty good so far. Didn't like how barracks do nothing if their target is destroyed... I ended up just targeting the castle so I didn't have to keep re-choosing targets (and sadly that worked better than worrying about micro-ing them).

Tutorial: Good. Only thing that wasn't clear was capturing Crystals. Had to play it a second time to get that putting a fence around the crystal meant "capture" - but still not sure what benefit they give.

Favorite part: The campaign map.

Top request: Wish there was a more clear visual when you choose an invalid target  with a barracks (like a crystal or empty hex).

Thank you for your kind words, and for your feedback! 

But, the restructuring of the barracks path is part of the gameplay, much like the command of units in the Starcraft. It is hard to remove it so that game remains interesting and challenging. But we are constantly thinking how to make it less intrusive. Ideas that we discuss:

1. Indication of one target for all barracks at once.
2. The button that highlights the inactive barracks.

Yes, our textbook is not very good. Thanks for pointing out our mistakes, we'll fix everything!

Your idea about cursors is already on our Trello! :)