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I'm really enjoying this! I've been hoping someone would make a 1D autobattler for awhile. I really like the cute animals and how many different ways to configure your troops.

Enjoyed traveling around and fighting monsters. The world map and art are wonderful. Loved seeing a unique world generated each time. So many different monsters to find! I got to level 10 with two of my party members. I wanted a little more options in combat. A sound for misses would help too. So many of the magic weapons do more damage to my own team than the monsters do - so I went back and bought normal swords for my whole team.

Love the art, theme, and tone. I also appreciate your decision to be about exploration and no combat, which makes it more enjoyable to just walk around and interact with everything. Can't wait to see more.

I think I ran into a bug in where I was able to get the upside-down-door to flip, but couldn't get into it. Also, I think the right-side-up door is supposed to appear locked at some point, but never did.

Really like the art style and that you are given such a feeble-looking sword. Combat felt solid and the fireball mage was a good way to introduce it. I didn't like getting stuck between respawning enemies that couldn't be killed before I got the sword (both boomerang birds, and the soldier you can trick into falling), also that upward fireballs can hurt you when they hit the shield or even the outline. I only made it to Otar, but these torture-ware games aren't my style. My #1 request would being able to use a controller.

A fantastic puzzle game. Visuals are great - minimalistic, but  look polished and glitch aesthetic is fantastic (really sparks the imagination). The animations actual help teach the game mechanics, as well as making actions feel weighty. The game ends much before it gets old. It introduces new mechanics at a good pace and I would enjoy playing 10x longer if it continued to introduce more. Thankfully the screen flashes last only a second and the player is mostly in control of when they happen.

I tried the demo!

Art: Looks great. Like the macabre theme.

Gameplay: Pretty good so far. Didn't like how barracks do nothing if their target is destroyed... I ended up just targeting the castle so I didn't have to keep re-choosing targets (and sadly that worked better than worrying about micro-ing them).

Tutorial: Good. Only thing that wasn't clear was capturing Crystals. Had to play it a second time to get that putting a fence around the crystal meant "capture" - but still not sure what benefit they give.

Favorite part: The campaign map.

Top request: Wish there was a more clear visual when you choose an invalid target  with a barracks (like a crystal or empty hex).

That's too many dogs.