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Yeah, im probly a bit biased about this, but if I'm so powerful as Jeff Bezos and want to be the good guy and so on, why can't I try to promote social democratic ideas and stuff? Like national funding of schools, medical system, simpler tax system and so on?  I mean that seems like much better target if you want to be the good guy: to try to promote the values of social democracy. Of course, you can all pay for that stuff,  but nothing will change ultiamtely, the system itself must change and be more akin to systems of Canada or Nordic countries.

P.S. I'm not really American so I dont really know much about local nuances of that.


this gets the point of his obscene wealth across better and also i'm obligated by a curse from lenin's ghost to give every social democrat a wedgie and accuse them of social chauvinism. i'm sure the dev knows and fears that