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i read this book at the end of december and i'm reading it again now. i always feel so lucky to find art/writing like this. it feels like a big overblown statement, but it really changed my life in some way that's hard for me to put to words. i feel like i'm always desperate for stories that puncture me the way this one does, and they're so hard to find. this gave me the gutting i wanted and i was numb for a whole day after finishing it. it was horrible and hot and heartbreaking. thanks for this and for making so many things that matter to me.


This made me really happy, like writing it was really worth it. I understand, it's so hard to find something that hits just right, most media leaves me so listless like what's the point…

Horrible/hot/heartbreaking, the three H's of antiquity...that's exactly how I'd want someone to feel after reading it. Thanks for writing,  I will keep making sharp objects <3