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michael thank you so much for this. honored that you enjoyed it and i'm watching the video right now! thank you for buying the bundle, for playing the game, and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

this is amazing. every game i've played of yours has been wonderful. from the world of robots:  🤍

this game is very fun! im normally not super into resource management but this one got me.

thank youuuuu so much for doing a playthrough gary!! you're the best <3

hi! one of our teammembers for the jam ran into some roadblocks during production. would it be possible for us to submit our game on oct 1 instead of sept 29? totally understand if not, but i figured i'd ask! thank you.

thank you for playing!! and thank you for letting us know you liked it <3

thank you so much for playing and taking the time to comment. this is so thoughtful <3

thank you for taking the time to play it! 

i am sorry it took me a little extra time to watch this but i am really honored that you took the time to stream the game. it was really amazing watching you play and react to it in real time. thank you so much <333

thank you so much rha!

thank you so much for playing! 

aaaaa david!! ;A; your opinion is always so highly esteemed i'm flattered that you played and enjoyed the game. 

the wonders of the narration were all hexrae's amazing voice acting <3

thank u for leaving such a lovely comment!!

omg thank you for doing a whole playthrough!! so glad you liked it <3

thank youuuu <3

im so glad you made it!!!

HELLO???? this game fucking slaps i love it so much. it's so hot!! everyone should play it. 

sorry it took me so long to reply to this! i wanted to watch your playthrough before i did and life got a little busy. but seriously thank you so very much for doing a playthrough and sharing your thoughts! im honored that you liked it and grateful you gave us your time <3

this was really sweet. the art was lovely, and the character relationships were so well realized!

thank you so much!! so glad you enjoyed. thanks for playing <3

you're so cool for playing!! thank you <333

wow i love love LOVED this. the replays were great and you so deeply captured a sense of dread and rage at having been betrayed like this. i loved the screaming ending. your art style is so beautiful and it fit the story so well! so glad i got to  play this.

omg im so glad this landed for you!! thank you for playing and letting us know you enjoyed it. we had a lot of fun making it  <3

your games are always so poetic and elegant. i loved this! 

this was a fun, spooky story!

this is a really cool game. i love that you put us in the position to have to witness someone else struggle with their own sense of guilt. 

WOW what a blast!

i loved the art so much. it perfectly fit the ambiance and the writing. i also just always love a good blood sacrifice. the part where the narrator hopes they'll kill him quickly because they love him really got to me.  great work.

this is so fun! i love the premise, and the sneaky host. great  work.

this was so great. the bg art in particular was my favorite. i loved how expressive it was! it suited the tone of the game so well. wonderful work <3

this is such a flattering comment??? like sincerely thank you for taking the time to write something so thorough ♡ ♡ so glad u took the time to play and enjoyed it <333

wade you are so sweet <333 thank you for playing! 

thank you for taking the time to play it and (!!!) make a playthrough of it!! i'm glad you enjoyed. your reading (and commentary) was great!  ♡

omg so glad you enjoyed!! thank u for playing and stopping by to drop a comment   ❤️‍🔥 🫀

;A; thank you very much!! im honored <3

hula!! this is amazing. i watched your video and im so incredibly flattered that picked our game to do for a playthrough. you did a lovely reading and i really enjoyed your commentary. thank you so much for giving your time to this game and for sharing your video with us!! <3

thank you!! so glad you enjoyed

omg thank you!!! so glad you enjoyed <3

this is such a thoughtful comment. thank you so much for taking the time to play <3 im glad it really landed for you.

shut the front fucking door why are you so cool. visionary spin on what's effectively an idle game. im so glad i know you, thanks for making thissssssss  ♡

wow, thank you for your kind words! so glad you liked it.  ♡

wow thank you so much for this. im glad it was a good stressed out. and i'm glad the little foreshadowing bits landed on the second read. thanks for taking the time to play <3