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Awesome demo!

Great physics and interactive elements in Beam.
Is there a Linux version planned?

Definetly! MacOs Linux Consoles the whole shenanigan. But for now we have to stick to windows since we are a very small team (3) and can't handle the overhead of debugging for multiple platforms.

Thx for the nice comment!

No problem.  I found that it runs really well in Wine with DXVK for now.

That is indeed a useful information. I hope you had fun. Did you beat it?

The Demo?  Not yet.. kinda confused with the vents... but I love how you can freeze the lasers and roll on them.  If I press the W key and space at the same time I can jump really high.  In fact I can jump on top of the structures above the screen and clip through them.  Is this a bug?

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Yes this is a bug. Should already be fixed in the .18 version ... hmmm.... 

We have 5 different lightbeams and all do something else when in contact with fog. 3 of them are implemented in the demo but you can see all on your YouTube channel in a short spotlight video.

Maybe you would like to join our Discord Server for faster exchange of feedback?