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For this you might want to look into polybrush :)

We really appreciate that you like our vision of our physics based puzzle platformer so much. Such feedback gives us the strength to continue and make the final product as perfect as possible.

And of course the financial support also helps us to stay healthy and warmed up 😉

Stay tuned to see more of Beam very soon.

Thank you very much!

Done Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Yes this is a bug. Should already be fixed in the .18 version ... hmmm.... 

We have 5 different lightbeams and all do something else when in contact with fog. 3 of them are implemented in the demo but you can see all on your YouTube channel in a short spotlight video.

Maybe you would like to join our Discord Server for faster exchange of feedback?

That is indeed a useful information. I hope you had fun. Did you beat it?

Definetly! MacOs Linux Consoles the whole shenanigan. But for now we have to stick to windows since we are a very small team (3) and can't handle the overhead of debugging for multiple platforms.

Thx for the nice comment!

Thanks for playing our game we feel really giddy about this :D 

Your problem with taking up some fog with you when jumping on the red beams is about the timing. Stop using the fog before touching it. Same applies for the other beams. But we will update the mechanics based on all the awesome feedback we got on the gamefest and on our social media!