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Hi, I'm really looking forward to the release of this title. A couple of quick question as I'm playing through the demo, is there a way to get a 2nd stick or weapon? Also, I've never once encountered the traveling merchant and I'm on day 4. Is this a bug or is he totally randomized? Finally, have other people been able to cook or make items? I did the first two quests for the old man, but I'm kind of at a wall since my weapon broke to play anymore content.

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-You can craft stick branches however many times you want by cutting down trees and picking up logs. You can get the branch stick blueprint from the 1st and nearest  merchant who is located and stationed just to the right side from the starting point/statue waypoint (just keep going to the right and you'll see him and his tent on the beach). For cooking and other crafting, you need to find the 1st merchant and the 2nd merchant (in another area) and purchase blueprints from them.


Ok yeah, he definitely doesn't exist in my game at all. So there's some kind of bug. Thanks for the reply!