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How do you get the fuck scene with the neighbor? I've been using the ring and I've maxed out points with him but I can only do the blowjob scene.

No I haven't gotten all the CGs because when I try to do the forest spirit puzzle, I get the "thats all for this update" screen so I never get to enter the village

My game crashes when I speak to Mads after triggering his cave scene at night

How do you recover HP in the game? Also if I remember correctly, last time you can interact with a campfire to sleep. For the current version do you just have to wait to tire out to go to sleep?

would there be a mac version?

Is there a way to have fun with Ruben

Got it. Also do you know how to get to the redwood forest?

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Can someone tell me where is the man I'm supposed to be looking for at Northcrest residential area for the payment plan quest?

description literally says M/M

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Is there a specific time I have to go to school to meet the Professor? I'm using my old saves and every time I go to school the only option I have is to go to Room 402. Also how do I get the "hazy memories of the threesome" at the very end of the game? 

edit: i figured out the professor issue

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-You can craft stick branches however many times you want by cutting down trees and picking up logs. You can get the branch stick blueprint from the 1st and nearest  merchant who is located and stationed just to the right side from the starting point/statue waypoint (just keep going to the right and you'll see him and his tent on the beach). For cooking and other crafting, you need to find the 1st merchant and the 2nd merchant (in another area) and purchase blueprints from them.

Does anyone know what to do to get into Haluca? I'm trying to follow the spirit and it stops at certain circles on the ground and when I interact with it, it just keeps bringing me back to the starting point.

How do you have sex with Egon's dad? It doesn't give me that option when I'm at the club D:

How did you get the scales and the stone next to it?

First of all I'm pretty interested in the game and I'd like to see it become successful. I haven't played a survival game in a while and the characters look very appealing. I'm playing on mac and I do have some issues as I was playing. 

The map is very big and there are some hostile units roaming around. While this makes the game more interesting, the stamina for food and water drains very fast and too quick for exploration. With the map being so big, it takes away from the exploration part because of how fast the meter drains. The areas where I can drink water (caves) or sleep (campfires) are also very limited and seemingly far away from each other especially when you're still trying to familiarize yourself with the map. Because of this I still haven't found one of the main cast because exploration is limited. I was getting lost a lot of times and moving so slow because my meters kept draining which was very frustrating. 

There is also a lack of tutorials and I had to press every button on my keyboard to find my inventory. 

Another thing I noticed was the statue waypoints or at least I thought they were because after I teleported to a specific waypoint, I couldn't teleport back to the other ones and the game told me that I haven't found other waypoints which was not the case. It seems like I can only teleport to the waypoints I found once unless I interact with them again? There is also an area in the upper right corner around the starting area that makes the game crash when I try to go past it.

I hope this provides some helpful feedback regarding some issues I've found while playing.

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Hey how do I have sex with Egon's dad? When I interact with him he just cries lol

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How do I win against Kiel?

I can't seem to trigger the Galiano scene with the "I'm back" option.  My friendship with him is 8 and desire at 16. But nothing happens after I choose that option.

Is there any other way to increase and decrease crew's respect after the initial interactions? 

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Thank you I just successfully seduced Garth! Another thing is that I think Katar doesn't have scenes yet i think(?). But how do I trigger those scenes with Samuel?

yes i have the full slave outfit from the sexshop. i've only successfully teased him once but i have a hard time of repeating it because he just pushes me away

how do you get garth horny? my attempts don't seem to work

Will this be on mac?

This game is pretty fun. I have the dad to 50/50 lust and 32/45 affection. I'm stuck in a loop and I can't seem to get the ending. Is there anything I'm missing to trigger a good ending besides raising suspicion to 100 where I get the bad ending? Or is it just the bad ending at the moment?

will this be on mac to

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I did all the things that usually end up with the Kevin route at the end but this time nothing happens after the night of sleeping with him in the tent. I just realized it's the same with Thomas too.

how do i get gunnar  in the fishing village?

I really like the game and the updates are so fast. Every new content you bring to it is really entertaining! I like the new character Ronald and having a back feature really helps with decision making:)

Is the game dead?

How do you get to the route where you are alone with Vincent? I did the other two but I can't seem to get this one.

Will this be on mac?

Will this be available on mac?

How can i get to the secret characters routes?

The visuals look really good. Is this ever gonna be available for mac?