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Also sidenote (and spoiler), I think I'm nearing the end of the 2nd chapter, Officer Riggs just walked in my room and then the game error screen came up and I had to quit.

Joining the chorus of voices telling you what an amazing game this is. Super diverse group of hot guys you've created (of course what drew me in).

But more importantly, the gameplay is shockingly good. The story is intriguing, the characters are nuanced and complex, and the game is fun. I even feel like with the addition of attributes, inventory, and time it took a step towards having RPG-esque elements instead of just a visual novel. Really excited to eventually (hopefully) purchase a copy of this as a full game. Please keep up the good work! I'm rooting for you.

Hey again, it is fixed now! not sure if it was a delay or what, and a great update again I hope whoever you're permanent artist is can really bring the images you've already found to life because I love the style you have going so far. Can't wait to see more from you!

Hi, I see neither an update to the game nor a new demo download in itch. I'd love to try your updated demo, but can't seem to get it (I have the itchio app already installed on my comp). Thanks!

Love this demo! Did you do the art and the story? I am totally loving it so far and can't wait to see what you do next!

Tbh, I just want to know if any of the guys will be hairy. Looking forward to it regardless, but I live for a little (or a lot) of chest hair!

Ok yeah, he definitely doesn't exist in my game at all. So there's some kind of bug. Thanks for the reply!

Hi, I'm really looking forward to the release of this title. A couple of quick question as I'm playing through the demo, is there a way to get a 2nd stick or weapon? Also, I've never once encountered the traveling merchant and I'm on day 4. Is this a bug or is he totally randomized? Finally, have other people been able to cook or make items? I did the first two quests for the old man, but I'm kind of at a wall since my weapon broke to play anymore content.

thanks for considering it! I think he's hot and love to see a character arc for him too xD

Hi! Got the game through the queer bundle. Is there (or will there) be a romance line for Denver? (Believe it or not, I really like his character)

Thanks! :)