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Hey, I loved the environment and the lore - very enchanting. But, THE CONTROLS! I know you warn it can only be played properly on an XBox controller, but it would be SO EASY to accommodate keyboard and mouse. Sadly the mouse sensitivity was terrible, I never could find the keyboard equivalent of the B button, and holding down the equivalent of X (the E key) didn't work for crafting, so I couldn't get any further. Come on guys, it can't be that much effort.

Thanks for the kind words. Thing is, this was made as a demo for pitching to publishers, and we did it to accomodate one set up. We never intended to release this specific version, and it's here as is as a curtesy when shutting down our studio. I am sure you understand why there is no support for keyboard and mouse :)

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B may refers to 'shift'. X when crafting refers to 'enter'.It took me an amount of time to find that