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Ehy here's my point of view

Hey BlueFireYT!

I’ve just watched your video and I am glad you like the game. This is actually the full version, as we had to develop all of this from scratch in only eight weeks. Of course, that circumstance forced us to prioritize strictly, so we chose to go all-in on narration. Unfortunately, this also means sacrificing on other aspects such as better performance optimization, free keybinding and similar quality-of-life features. Nonetheless, it‘s good to see people enjoying their short trip into the depths of the book :)

Have a great weekend!

8 weeks ;) that's impressive :) really good job
just patch the Fov if you have a couple hours tho, cos' the screen flickering was a relevant issue ;)
and good luck on your next game! i bet is going to be amazing :)

We hope so as well :)