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Hey, Here's my coverage it's a nice game

I feel like you should focus on changing many thing before the release, especially the boss room was way too glitchy. If you are planning on releasing review keys let me know there's the best place to ask for one ;)

Here's my coverage :) enjoyed the game <3

I'm up to record the more of this game, if you you have a review key and a specific day when the embargo ends let me know we can also chat via email if you'd like :) let me know !

from steam it worked thanks..
i'll try the demo next week :)

i had problems whit the download link, it's probably broken.

enjoyed a lot this one

i played it twice lol worthed

hey, Here's my playtest ;) hope that helps 

I found the game way too hard in general...i liked the idea..that's why it deserved coverage tho..Here's my playtest 

8 weeks ;) that's impressive :) really good job
just patch the Fov if you have a couple hours tho, cos' the screen flickering was a relevant issue ;)
and good luck on your next game! i bet is going to be amazing :)

Ehy here's my point of view

Thanks to you, if you join my discord i'll give you a dev role :) we are adding devs content creators and it's becoming a big are welcome maybe even if u need feedback for future versions of the game :)

Here's the link of my playlist for feedback