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hi,i waited 0.04 for the feedback My Full Feedback is at the end of the stream around 1h.15mins
this game needs some more cooking before being enjoyable but i like the concept!

1 Hour of Gameplay w my feedback on it ;)

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Hi, i did finish the game..but i feel like 1 ending is under-rewarding for a game like this....
a 2 hours playtime is barely enough to understand the many options u have...
i am sad i can't replay the intro scene even re-unzipping the game..
about the current feels deserved but not that special...knowing that you can miss on the opportunity to see so many rooms is just meh...

i kinda tried some weird strats that maybe they could have made into a using the low grav room to try to go back to the room above... or trying mixing up rainbow light up and rainbow light down (i cant' spoiler much)
i tried to spy on top of the maze* i tried to go down when collecting umbrella...all those could have made into new rooms...
i also tried jumping on top of ropes of extra museum areas...
i was quite confused about the color pattern changing everywhere...but still pretty fun touch...
i felt like most easter egg rooms were yes spooky but also kinda empty
the pad for the code having way too many codes is just not that intresting...unless u have to copy more than 4 codes i gave up on keeping track of them cos' of lack of variety on the room where you end up...still so many good possibilities

well nice little project

Really Cool Project, sad to see many glitches and out of bound
i did manage to clear all 3 path and clutch the ending the third time

You wanna add idk a portal system maybe conveyor belts and moving stuff to this
it's difficult to get 100% rn but not challenging
feels a bit static even tho the enviroment it's great
I mean i would love to see more level variety

maybe releasing balls (wreking balls)
or idk even targeting or multiple buttons press to detonate something

maybe elastic stuff too, domino effect thingy
saws to cut stuff

it's way too early to judge but i like the atmosphere keep it up ;) could become a really cool game depending on the development
the sandbox as it is, seems fine for level creating but  i'm not entirely sure that it's a good idea for you to focus on's cool to have but i woudn't foucs much on it..

Contains Spoiler for completion


i really liked it

I didn't find the ship either tho tbh
man this project is fun, ty for sharing it with us, even if it was made for a jam i enjoy a lot this kind of visuals in games

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Mmm 40% of the game, this game seems too short, also i don't like that you made the solution for puzzles frustrating to perform, more than difficult to figure out the solution

The product has Amazing quality but i would say definetly too short if i just Played 40% of it..meh

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Hi, Here's my coverage, i go pretty harsh in the final notes, don't take my toughts too personally :) Nice looking prototype, but i would say there's a lot more to do..


Here's My Coverage

Here's my coverage on the project, i really liked how you kept the Player immersed in the game <3

Here's my coverage, pretty nice prototype

Thanks for releasing this prototype :)

I really liked your game , both endings are very nice :)

thanks for sharing it <3
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Here's My Coverage (i managed to finish the demo):

I enjoyed this Game, the solution wasn't obvius +1

Hey, Gotta say, really enjoyable Demo
crafting potions whitout items sorting, i'm not sure how it's going to play out, it depends on how big the game is.
still +1 i really liked the movement :)

Hey Fun Game +1

here's my coverage:

hi, i tried this, but whitout the combat idk what to think about this demo

Ehy, here's some coverage on the game

Ehy i made some coverage :D

hey i made some coverage

Here's my coverage

i would suggest trying to remove invisible walls... they ruin the immersion

Let's play ep1 e 2

fun game +1

Honestly great job for a short project :) nice and fun parkour :) too dark tho

i tried the demo, it seems a bit too demanding.. u need to set up resolutions like low graphics medium and high. (especially for textures)
i have like an i3 and a 1050ti(4gb) 8gb ram, and if u implement well i should be able to handle this game and play it very smoothly
as u can see in the first part it even went smooth...i guess some rendering issue...
it's probably demanding in CPU
it also crashed for no particular reason..

A lot of potential, but very early stage of the game, seems fun!

tx, i completed the demo,i now made the playlist aside from the brighness adjustment it was very good! :)

i Kinda got lost after the first puzzle room, idk if there's something obvious that i missed or it's just a brightness problem idk

I felt for a bug before the end

But cool game +1epic

Here's my coverage

Amazing game, if it was made in a short time :)

I finished all the puzzles,  the game was intresting but i didn't find it much different than other puzzle games that i Played in the last

My vid