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The game is an interesting concept, however the sensitivity starts REEEAAALLLY high. It was hard to even attempt the game.

To be honest, the game shouldn't be a horror game, it isn't even that scary of a jumpscare. I actually would've made it more abstract and have it be some sort of "Cursed" game or rom hack. Like the name though.

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Thanks for your feedback! Although we decided, before event starting to create the game, that we would let it as it is forever (so it remains "that game we did in 4 hours") we will take your feedback about input sensitivity into consideration for future projects. About the genre, I'd say you are right. This game is too experimental to be labelled; fixing it this instant.

[edit] Didn't realize there was #experimental and #abstract until now. Fixed!

It seems like the inputs are way more sensitive in the WebGL build (the one in the browser) than on the other builds (at least the Windows one). We'll see what we can do about that as the WebGL build does not provide the intended experience.