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Need more info:

What game?  ERAS, GOF 1.2, COAS, etc.?

What specifically did you do to expect a log entry?

I just tried the log in ERAS and my old logs are all there (current and completed), plus I accepted a shipyard mission and the log wrote properly, so if there is a problem, it does not appear general to all, but may be a specific log?

It was on ERAS which by the way, is awesome. So, i updated the game and launched it as per, i had a save where i was on the world map, i loaded it and the F2 Menu showed as per usual, and i would click  on the log book to look at my quests, it wouldn't show the list it would just take me back to the world map with a slight flicker as i clicked, as if it was going to pop up but it didn't load. I can record the gameplay, if you want to see it in action. 

First, make sure logging is checked in config.exe, then do this again.  Send me the system.log, compile.log and if there is an error.log file, send that too.  Email: chezjfrey at hotmail dot com

I checked to see if the Logging option was checked and it is, also,  i noticed that after i click the logging book and it doesn't show up and takes me bacl to the map, If i press F2  to bring up the character page again, it loads and closes very quickly.  The Sabeer mouse pointer pops up for less than a second as if i was on the character page and then it disappears and takes me back to the map. and i have sent you the files to your email :)

Got your email and the system.log tells us the problem is a missing questbook.ini file.  Not sure why you don't have it, as I verified the source for the Itch upload does contain it.  Maybe the Itch upload tool glitched?  Or the download glitched?  Anyway, I sent you the missing file in an email reply.  Let me know how it goes.

Perfect, that fixed it. thank you so much for your help :)