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I checked to see if the Logging option was checked and it is, also,  i noticed that after i click the logging book and it doesn't show up and takes me bacl to the map, If i press F2  to bring up the character page again, it loads and closes very quickly.  The Sabeer mouse pointer pops up for less than a second as if i was on the character page and then it disappears and takes me back to the map. and i have sent you the files to your email :)

Got your email and the system.log tells us the problem is a missing questbook.ini file.  Not sure why you don't have it, as I verified the source for the Itch upload does contain it.  Maybe the Itch upload tool glitched?  Or the download glitched?  Anyway, I sent you the missing file in an email reply.  Let me know how it goes.

Perfect, that fixed it. thank you so much for your help :)