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Lone developer are the way of the future.  I saw this on Gamejolt too so I left a comment there too.  If you like help with development if you plan to expand the game let me know.  Don't focus on making a AAA game, just make a game :)

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

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thank you for playing. I didn't know that blue robot did nether used to stay in one position..I'll have look into why that started to happen. Yea the second level isn't finished. There is a lot to do on it., especially writing alone.

Anyway I hope you play it again when updated.

I'm always looking for help. In what area ? you code,musician ,graphics or game ideas?  

Any of the above are always helpful.

Ps. It would interesting if there are any bugs in another game I've actually finished called Marble Madness. I would made up if you could cast a critical eye of that.