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Maybe get a proper PC lol sorry, im not an Apple fan.

What game engine do you use the spectrum games?

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Thanks, and good luck with your projects !

I'll look forward to playing it, what engine did you use? I've done A  Arkanoid clone myself on

I tried putting my game up on steam when I forest got into unity (3 years ago), it was like using 1990s DOS to upload it!. I gave up and just use Google play store and  now, if anyone knows how to put their game on steam then let me know I'll pay them to do it for me!

Oh Right, I thought i didnt reconise any of the assets!

Looking Good !

I saw the video and pleasantly surprised at the quality. What  game engine is it developed on?

Ok,that's good news!.. is there any of my assets that you would like since you've already got that particular one?

I have emailed you them, They work OK in Unity which is what they're designed for, but PNG's should be able to load into other engines without a problem. I also sent you  Sci Fi Pack 2 for FREE. I hope they work for .

Can you give me your email address please.

I will look into it,are you using unity or another engine?

I will sort that out within the next hour for you.



hi did you get my email with your assets?

Can you send me your email address to me at, Thanks I will sort them as soon as I get your email.

yes,I should have I will check for you

I can't find  your email address for me to send you the PNGs please email me @


yes,of course

Thank you

You're the second person who have asked if my tile sets are ripped? Which has me worried that I'm recreating the graphics TOO good. In future I will only loosely base them on the originals! So no one can moan art me lol

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They are inspired from r type metroid and turrican etc..They are very similar but different enough to be ok. I wonder if people say this when Super Mario clone sprites and Mega man sprites are up on these sites?

Small Worlds ** Release Update ** now has a level selector so you can unlock your new levels.

I'm not sure,I think the amount of music in it may be a limitation. I'll have look at it tomorrow and let you know.

can you please let me know if you have received my email, thanks

I do ,I will email you them within 12 hours.

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I've looked for an email address contact you but couldn't find one. Just wanted to know how you coded it on a C64 in these days?..I'm hoping your answer would be C# on visual studio lol

Good stuff, what did you use for the font creator?

Well Done for finishing your game. I know it fromm experience I still have about 4 BIG Projects that i get bored with and just go on to something new. Or just make a game with 1 Level

reminds me of boulder dash ! 🙋


Interesting !..what's your logic on the did you do it what did you check for I mean..did you use unity?

The background is, is it a video or assets..looks great

need a video of m8.. I need to see some gameplay!!

A classic Arkanoid clone but a little different. It includes a CD Player with 24 Tracks of Remixed C64 Tunes !!! from KWED.ORG

Animated Background graphics / Fractals that change every level !!

Loads of Levels included and more to come !!

Arkanoid Pro link here

Some Levels shown here ...