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Man, I couldn't ask for a more complete and well organized feedback, thank you very much for taking this much time to play and formulate your feedback, means a lot. I'll try to address each topic.

- About the color of the text on the cutscene: I had noticed it too, its a little annoying indeed. I will sure change it, thanks for the suggestions!

- About the speed of the dialogs: thanks for the suggestion, I would suggest the same, something like "pokemon" text transitions where you click a button to read the next sentence.

- About game volume: This is a very good observation, I have a really loud headphone, tried it on a less powerful one and the music really changes the volume too abruptly! Will make it smoother for now and add volume settings in the future.

- About being reset when hit: It was a "temporary" mechanich that ended up on the final demo version xD I also don't think that is the best way to react to a hit, but I thought it might enhance the "rouguelike" feeling. But it should be more polished and your suggestion sounds perfect, thanks! I'll sure change it.

- About the jump: As I told K-Crow Studios the jump on Dude's Quest was heavily inspired by the old Super Mario Bros (NES). I think that the one thing that ruins the jumping mechanics is in fact the delay for next jump, i'm thinking of removing it, as was also pointed by JohncoBalonco. Do you really think the whole jump should be changed, or just removing the delay is enough?

- About the next level call: Great suggestion, something like a little sign on the ground, with a drawn arrow, would be nice?

- About game options: Indeed, I though maybe it was not necessary for the demo, since it's not a very simple thing to implement, but was planning to add "pause" and ingame options on the full release.

- About the block reseting: It was a safety measure, to ensure the block doesn't get stuck, nor lost. It works like this: everytime it is out of the camera AND its not on top a switch or platform, it resets. I don't know how I would implement this safety measure in a simple way yet without disrupting the game flow :/

- About level 3: man, no need for apologies, I completely understand, It's the first thing I'm aiming to change, it's really difficult, I released it that way because I got used to it, as I played many, MANY times during development (also I know exactly where are all the bats, which gives me a huge advantage). Heres an issue I created to make the bat's eye glow, as one improvement (tho I must think of other things to change in order to balance the difficulty): link

I'm also thinking to not make the minimum light so small, and maybe, in order to get bats killed more easily, make them swing up and down as they chase you, to make it easier to jump on them, would this be good?

Again, thank you so much for the kind words and for this absolutely amazing feedback!


Heya! Sorry I went for the night to sleep but am back :P Absolutely no problem RE the feedback! I prefer clear, workable feedback myself too :P I hope it proves of use! :)

- With regards to the point in response to the jump mechanic, I can see that now that you mention it! :) I would think that with tweaking of the motion and smoothing the falls and peaks of jumps to emulate gravity, it would communicate better to the user? :)

- Regarding the grass block I can see what you mean RE the flow of the game being interrupted if it is stuck :thinking: What about a level reset mechanic should the user get the placement wrong? Good for voluntary / compulsory puzzle solving as it allows the user to take a good few cracks at it without getting stuck or losing life / enemy progress / collectable progress :)

- Regarding the level 3 predicament, YES! :) At least increasing the user's field of view as well as modifying bat paths so that the user has a clearly observable opportunity to jump on them safely would help SO SO MUCH! :P


Hi man! Thanks again for answering.

- Jump: Yes you're right, I'll try to polish the jump so it feels more responsive and natural

- Block reset: Would a floating "R" button above the block everytime it gets stuck be good? Then after pressing "R" the block respawns. The only problem with this is calculating whether the block is stuck or not :/


All good pal! :P

Hmmm would you need the ability only when the blocks are stuck / lost though? :) If you think about it, the possibility of the user being able to reset the block whenever they want if they are within a certain range of it at the time could help facilitate new forms of puzzles should you want to ;)