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This game is fascinating and the gameplay is cool. I like the story of trying to remember what happened while helping other people fix their mistakes. The only issue I have when playing this is the camera controls. When I first played it, it was with the keyboard. Then, when I went to observe the girl, I realized that I could play the controller, so I switched it. That’s when the camera started spinning around a lot. Even after turning off the keyboard and controller and restarting the game, it still spins, so I unfortunately couldn’t finish it. I hope you can resolve this issue, so I can play it again. Thank you! 

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Hi CakeGameLady! Thank you for playing our prototype. We're so sorry that you're experiencing this issue. I realized that you played the very first version of the prototype, we fix a lot of game breaking bugs in the second version of the prototype and added a little extra detail in the game. But unfortunately, we need to disable the joystick controls for now, cause we need time to fix the joystick mapping for the game (we're currently working to fix the joystick bug, so it will hopefully be in the next update soon) But for now, the controls for the mouse and keyboard should work fine. We also change the UI for the game to match Keyboard and Mouse controls. See our latest devlog to know what the other updates are!  We're going to keep workin hard to update the prototype until it's going smoothly for players so follow us to keep in touch with the game :D  Please try the current version of the game (UndyingFlower_v0.0.2a). Hopefully this time you can reach one of the endings! Thank you so much!

Hi there! The new prototype has come out! I hope you can check it out and play it again!