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It was short and has really nice pixel graphics, which I love the most about these games. I can tell you put a lot of work into this! Great work! 

When I saw this pop on my feed, I was excited to play it and I'm amazed by it. I didn't know what was the plan that Ms. Appleton was cooking or who that voice was, but then I understood it all at the end when it was revealed. I love it and I can't wait to see more of your games! 10 / 10! 

This game is not only cute, but creepy! It definitely gave me the Rusty Lake vibes from the gameplay to the ambience and I didn't expect the ending to turn out the way it is. I can't wait to see more of your work!  

This is nicely done! I love the storyline with Nick running away from home because of personal reasons and exploring more of his relationship with his family. I like the background graphics and the drawn protraits for the characters. I was so creeped out when it got dark at the end and that thing took Noah that I thought it was going to me, too! I love to see more when it's finished! :D

This is cool! I like the hotel setting for the game and the music was nice to listen as the game goes on. Gale’s narration was illuminating with each hotel worker or guest and I was a bit scared a few times from the loud noises or expecting the worst. I tried the middle mouse button to focus, but it didn’t work for me. Also, the notes would turn black or blend in with the wall. Other than that, great game! 20 / 10

This is a great short game. It kept me on the edge of my seat with the sudden noises and the small jumpscares. I wish that there were three options for the last part instead of two. Great game and I’d love to see more of your work! 

This game is wonderful! I had a lot of fun playing through the levels and trying to figure out how to disassemble the stack without waking up the dog. It took me a few tries on some levels, but I managed to get through the entire game and finished it. It is very colorful and the music was great to listen to when playing the game. 20 /10! 

This is really good! I like the graphics, the music, and the gameplay, but I had a lot of trouble trying to get past the third level. I noticed that when trying to the first present from the bottom row  in the second level, it goes really slow when trying to move past the tree after getting the gift. It works well when doing it in the first row, so I don't know why it did it. It gives a good challenge to try and get the presents without getting hit from trees, reindeer, and rocks and trying to mantain good speed, so Santa can go up the hills or slide off the cliffs. Great work!

I've finished playing the demo and it is amazing! I seen how far improved since the last demo and I like the changes of communication between Sarah and her friends going from letters to chat rooms as she grows up. I can't to see more of it when it is finished.

I've just finished the demo and it is so amazing! I was pulled into Arridaio's story and I loved how you can try to help the people or not depending on your choices. Impressive! I can't wait to see more! 20 / 10

This is a really good, scary game! I like how you can play different characters from delivery boys to mascots that can use different attack styles. The family-friendly pizzeria setting is great with the animatronics, arcade, and the entertainment. The battle system is good while I try to attack, but I end up trying to escape instead due to low ammunition. As for the stats, I think it is a good idea to use them for situations and cases, but in one time, I was able to clean up the mess without losing HP due to 'high competence skill', even though, it was 1. As for the wrong turns, it is cool to see that is completely random and you have no idea on what to expect in the next room. Also, the day shift is amusing as you try to resolve issues that can occur when the pizzeria is open and put on your best customer service face. I would love to see more of this! 20 / 10

This is great! I love the witty humor, the colorful backgrounds, and the funny characters. The choices were amusing and the way the fish and the old man threw jabs at each other made me smile. I would to see more games like this! 

This is so beautiful and amazing! I love that the paintings can move around in 3D-like manner and the details of the workshop . It is very informative about the artist once you’ve fixed the painting and taught a lot about the paintings themselves. I’d love to see the full version of this and learn more about art! 20 / 10

This game is so cool and unique! It reminds me a lot of Paper Mario and Tomba from my childhood. The abilities are awesome and the the paper world and the colorful characters look amazing. I would love to see more in the future! 

This is incredible! The game pulled me in with its likable characters, the emotional story, and the colorful settings. I like how it was cheery and nice in the opening, but then it went serious and moving later on. I’ve backed  you on Kickstarter and I hope your campaign succeeds! 

This is gorgeous! This reminds me so much of the Rusty Lake series, without the creepy puzzles and story. The puzzles are great, the story is neat, and music is mellifluous. I can’t see the full version! 

This is very touching and has magnificent story. I never went through what Rae did in the story, but it broke my heart to see what she went through and made me cry so much later on in the story.  I highly recommend playing this game. 10 / 10

This game is great! The art is cute and the story is heartwarming and relatable to me as to when I went through my graduation. 10 / 10

This is neat! I thought before playing that it would have a horror theme since it is about child being home alone and a lot of things could happen, but I was surprised when I continued playing. I like getting to play with the blocks, chairs, and other objects and looking around the apartment. I would love to see what you would make next! 

This is amazing. From the heartwarming story to the colorful backgrounds, it really got to me. I think I got all of the endings by choosing different actions each time I played the game. I noticed the differences in the two versions such as  you can talk with Amy IRL and you can talk to May before leaving the dorm. I can’t wait to see what the story will be. 20 / 10

This is so cool! I like talking to the ghosts with the help of the magnifying glass as well as finding hidden messages and pictures. 10 / 10! 

This game is so much fun! I like trying to knock all of the pins without getting a gutterball, but it is a challenge to align the ball to make it work. The moving animation of the characters and overall gameplay are cool and neat! I would definitely recommend playing this game. 10/10! 

This is very neat! I like how you can do a lot of things in the van from playing on the game console to eating chips and ramen. Not to mention, the dialogue and the story with Fred, Jens, and Kari. It really surprised me later in the game. Great game! 

This is so cute! Misfortune sounded exactly what I thought she would and the voice acting and backgrounds are great! I would love to play once it’s fully done! 

This game is fascinating and the gameplay is cool. I like the story of trying to remember what happened while helping other people fix their mistakes. The only issue I have when playing this is the camera controls. When I first played it, it was with the keyboard. Then, when I went to observe the girl, I realized that I could play the controller, so I switched it. That’s when the camera started spinning around a lot. Even after turning off the keyboard and controller and restarting the game, it still spins, so I unfortunately couldn’t finish it. I hope you can resolve this issue, so I can play it again. Thank you! 

I love playing this game! The pixel-style gameplay is cool and the story  is heartwarming. I have seen all of the endings and my favorite is the Thin-Blood ending. I noticed that when you say different things, then the dialogue in the finale is different. However, I didn’t change a thing in the questioning from the vampire hunters since I know they don’t believe a thing and they were going to kill me, regardless of what I say. Overall, this game is great and I highly suggest playing it. 10 /10

This game is amazing! I love the setting, the designs, and the voice-acting for Daisy. The one issue I had with it is the checkpoint because once I’ve died, then I got start over with the unskippable cutscene. Other than that, each stage is challenging and requires a lot of agility and quick-thinking. 10 / 10! 

This is so cute! I love the cute marshmallow designs and the look of the day spa. It’s really cool to face a time limit and get the ingredient for each marshmallow. The problem I get with it is the temperature. I never once got it in the green, only in the red. Great game! 

I enjoyed playing this funny game! Trying to find the right products with their misleading titles with the powers of Mr. Fantastic and Stretch Armstrong and moving around the bustling crowd. I tried to leave through the doors, but failed to do it. 10 / 10

This is really cool! The instructions were a bit confusing at first, but I understood it when I began to play. I l like the challenge of avoiding the asteroids, which were circling the sun, and trying to get the key to the locked gate. 10 / 10! 

This almost me cry when I reached the ending. It’s so beautiful and heartfelt, especially with the developing relationship between Gordon and Sebastian. I managed to see two endings, but I wonder if the other two are the same. Great game! I can’t wait to see more! 

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This game is amazing! I like the characters and the voice-acting as well as the visuals. I like that they are very different from each other and how they respond to the questions. My favorite is Mr. Red, especially when you ask him about Ms. Yellow. It is too bad I couldn’t meet Ms. Yellow since I heard so much as her.  10 / 10

This is so cute! I love the animals and gathering ingredients for brewing potions. I like to see more animals if possible like geese, ducks, or sheep if possible. I can’t wait to see more when it is out. 

This is really good! I like to explore the neighborhood and see all kinds of characters from the jogger to the waving bush. Also, I like the humor and the colorful graphics. Thanks for making a great game! 

This game is so much fun! I like the challenge of trying to heal the patients while the patients are coming in and the operations fail occasionally. I managed to save all the patients without sacrificing anyone. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make in the future. 20 / 10! 

This game is really neat with how we can match the pictures with the background to reveal something new and discovering a way to leave. I had some trouble getting the chest to stay on the desk for the picture, but once I got used to it, then it was easy! 10 / 10! 

This game made me so emotional during the entire time. I had an uncle, who died before I was born, by a drunk truck driver on Christmas Eve and now, I know how my grandmother felt when received the news. Thank you for making this great game. 

This is so beautiful. The graphics are truly breathtaking, the story about the girls and their love is heartwarming, and the gameplay is amazing. I got the wallpapers and I’m using it for my phone and computer. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make next!