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This game is simply amazing. I love how you can rearrange the words to affect the drawings in the letters and how the adjectives can be used to change the drawing’s appearance. Also, I liked reading the letters between Sarah and Sasha as it reminded me of when I was writing to my pen-pal during my childhood. 10 / 10

This game is fun to play! I like trying to maneuver around the vases and columns to try to place the artifact onto their pedestal without breaking any of the vases. The hardest one for me to go through was in the Greek vases area upstairs. There was no way to go between the three vases in that small cramped space. I would recommend this game to play, especially with family and friends! 10 / 10! 

I have finally played this game and it is simply amazing. I love the gameplay and the story, especially with the dialogue with Josh and his voice actor. Not to mention, the tabs on the internet from Tweeter to playing Tractor Dad while talking with Josh on the phone. The story hits me as I once dated someone who treated me like Josh did to Carlee and I dumped him before he did any more damage. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play it. 10 / 10

Playing as a grim reaper and trying to match to either place is a cool idea! It is neat to see if you get a match if you get it right  or when you get a text if you make a mistake. Even though there’s no music, the grim reaper groans in the background and sometimes makes comments. Thanks for making this game! 

This is really cool! Great voice-acting, story, and gameplay. I feel for Ellen during the entire gameplay when I listened to the voicemails and read the texts. I would recommend this game! Thanks for making it! 

This game is so much fun! You have to get rid of the chickens by either bombs or shooting them out of cannons. I wished there other pirate ships, so I could battle them with my cannon hens. Great game! 10 / 10 

Another amazing game! I love the visuals as well as the storyline because it is relatable to a lot of people like me. Also, I like that you can choose who you wake up next to like a guy or a girl, which is different from the other games I’ve played because the main character is usually a male. I would to see more games like this in the future! Thank you! 

This game is relaxing and has a great storyline about the characters and the city. Not to mention, you can make coffee, lattes, or hot chocolate for the customers while listening to their problems. I would definitely play this game when it’s relwased on Steam. 10 / 10! 

This game is amazing. I wish it would have more gameplay, so I could explore more of the paper world. It was cool to use the cutting power to cut hair and the garden hedges while battling the squid or octopus monster on the boat ride. 10/10! 

At first glance, it seemed like game that’s about going on a blind date with total stranger and it started to become creepy as it goes on with weird things happening around you.  

The story is great, the graphics are neat, and the game gave me a scare as soon it progresses, which made it even better.  I recommend this game  for anyone who wants to play! 

This game is amazing! This is different as it takes one word commands than choosing multiple choice from You Left Me. The story is interesting as you help your client, a victim of abuse from his ex-girlfriend, and find the truth during the incident. With no clues, except for asking your client one question at a time, you have to restart the case each time and try to find more evidence against the ex-girlfriend. I would recommend playing this game and can’t wait to see your next game. Thank you for making this game! 

This game is precise and cordial to explaining mental illnesses such as OCD, eating disorders, misophonia, and other conditions. It made relate in how stressful and distressing of going through college and the importance of taking care of yourself. I know how stressed I was to keep up with numerous assignments in many different classes  while dealing anxiety and stress at the same time. I hope you feel well soon and congratulations on your graduation! 

This game is fun to play! With the challenge of receiving more cats in the mail as you try to feed them and clean them, it makes it more difficult to accomplish if you didn’t have Mark, the grandson, to help out or a ton of money to purchase cat food or heart medication to use. Thank you for making this game fun! 

This game is beautiful. While it is silent other than the song playing, it showed the story through its visuals of the Raven meeting the townspeople and walking into town, carrying his cage. By the end when he received the pinwheel, I thought the game ended until I realized that I have to go backwards to get back home and realized what happened to the people he met on his journey. Thank you for making this game! 


This game is beautiful. While it is silent other than the song playing, it showed the story through its visuals of the Raven meeting the townspeople and walking into town, carrying his cage. By the end when he received the pinwheel, I thought the game ended until I realized that I have to go backwards to get back home and realized what happened to the people he met on his journey. Thank you for making this game! 


This game is fascinating! I love that the graphics are a mixture of 3D animation and pixel art and the music is so peaceful, despite fighting against slimes and avoiding traps. The story is interesting and raises questions about what happened to the king and the queens. I would definitely play the full version. Thank you for making this game! 

This game is very cute and cool! I like solving the puzzles or finding items that you need to help Prince the Ghost Cat pass on by getting his needed materials. Also, I like music and the art style for this game.  The music is smooth and peaceful to listen and the art style is neat and colorful! I wish there are more games such as this. Thank you for making this game! 

This game is amazing.  I love the fact you can basically fly through the air using the grapple and scenery is so beautiful.  I can’t wait to play the full game once it’s released! ‪

This game is very interesting! I love the concept of waking up in the mental asylum and trying to find out what’s going on as they try to escape. Plus, the apparitions, such as Daisy and Daisy’s father, are unique as they both look different from each other, yet they add more mystery to the game as to how Justin knew them. Thank you for making this game! I love to play the full version soon! 

I love this game! From the sudden noises to the jumpscares, I find myself looking around in every corner trying not to get jumpscared. The bathroom is the best place in the game because of the jumpscare is sudden rapid knocking on the locked door and the door being opened from the outside. Thanks for the demo. I’ll play the early access version soon! 

This is a fun game to play! With the dart setting in the forest and the spooky sounds in the background, you think that it would be a scary game. It did scare me when they appear out of nowhere while making a loud sound. Actually, it’s pretty cool to talk to many different monsters and help them with their requests! Thanks for making this game! 

This game is super creepy and it scared me so much whenever the lights flashed on or when the door closes right behind me. It has an element of mystery as well when you're exploring the house and trying to figure out what happened and who lived here before it became abandoned. I recommend this game to anyone who loves to play horror games. Thank you for creating this game! 

I love playing this game. It made me realize how each greeting card can impact on how it goes in the end from the recipient being thankful  to yelling at you for being insensitive. Also, you have to make some pretty tough choices in the latter of the game. 

This game is super scary and creepy! I could see the elements of Amnesia and P.T you've described in the gameplay and that made me nervous throughout the game, especially with the ghost in the hallway. I have a question though. In the end when you put the film reels on the projector, there was nothing on the screen, but I could hear the girl's voice. Is a bug or did I mess up somehow? Thank you for creating this game!

This game is so scary and creepy, not because of the typical horror game stuff like violence or gore. It is because of the small stuff such as the happy music stops when you get an answer wrong, the teacher gives the most angry look on his face, and he chases you down the empty hallway while smacking a ruler in his hand. This is why I like games like these. Now, I have to find a way to collect all 7 notebooks without getting caught by Baldi!

I was expecting to compete in an eating contest and now, I marrying a banana! This game was so much fun to play! :D

This is a really fun game! The first two steps were easy when you get used to handling the controls, but I could never get past the one where you have to feed her three meatballs. Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you for making this game! 

This game really took my breath away when I went through the first ending. Then, I went and did the other endings as well and it still made me amazed. Thank you so much for making this. 

This is game is stunning! It is beautiful in its pixel-styled graphics and makes you think when you solve the numerous puzzles it laid out for you. I would definitely play more of your games  soon.