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This almost me cry when I reached the ending. It’s so beautiful and heartfelt, especially with the developing relationship between Gordon and Sebastian. I managed to see two endings, but I wonder if the other two are the same. Great game! I can’t wait to see more! 

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This game is amazing! I like the characters and the voice-acting as well as the visuals. I like that they are very different from each other and how they respond to the questions. My favorite is Mr. Red, especially when you ask him about Ms. Yellow. It is too bad I couldn’t meet Ms. Yellow since I heard so much as her.  10 / 10

This is so cute! I love the animals and gathering ingredients for brewing potions. I like to see more animals if possible like geese, ducks, or sheep if possible. I can’t wait to see more when it is out. 

This is really good! I like to explore the neighborhood and see all kinds of characters from the jogger to the waving bush. Also, I like the humor and the colorful graphics. Thanks for making a great game! 

This game is so much fun! I like the challenge of trying to heal the patients while the patients are coming in and the operations fail occasionally. I managed to save all the patients without sacrificing anyone. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make in the future. 20 / 10! 

This game is really neat with how we can match the pictures with the background to reveal something new and discovering a way to leave. I had some trouble getting the chest to stay on the desk for the picture, but once I got used to it, then it was easy! 10 / 10! 

This game made me so emotional during the entire time. I had an uncle, who died before I was born, by a drunk truck driver on Christmas Eve and now, I know how my grandmother felt when received the news. Thank you for making this great game. 

This is so beautiful. The graphics are truly breathtaking, the story about the girls and their love is heartwarming, and the gameplay is amazing. I got the wallpapers and I’m using it for my phone and computer. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make next! 

This game is so much fun! I was pulled into the story and it was boy tough to handle the rooms of roaming chainsaws, but with a little help from the ghosts and bit of planning, the background designs are memorizing and the character animation are so cool! I was able to get past them quickly. I can’t to see the full release when it comes out soon! 

This game is awesome! It has a fascinating story and a variety of game mechanics that gave me a new challenge on how to deal with the monsters. I love to see more of the game when’s it’s fully released! 20 / 10

This is fun and challenging game for detective / mystery lovers like me! It's fun to explore the train and talk to the witnesses that were standing or sitting by and hear their testimonies about what happened during the event. The only problems that I had was that it was so dark, even though it's night, that I didn't know there was guy standing near the doorway and the topics list when you talk to the suspect were so small that I barely read it. Thanks for making this game! 10 / 10

This game is so amazing! I never guessed on what was going to happen until it happened and the credits began to roll. It gave me a good laugh when I edited the video. Great job! I love to see more of your work! 30 / 10! 

This game is really neat! During my playthrough, I found the feet to be normal, despite the different sizes, the bullet from Johann’s gun in the thigh, a citizenship microchip in the hand, replaced cervical disks from falling on the car, clotted blood in stomach from injury, and a crystal eye from Johann hitting with a frying pan. 

In the end, she realized that the skeleton is different because of the injuries Johann made and a guy with a bandaged head and a head brace, I guesssing Johann, showed up. I thought the person on the other end of the radio was a recording since they kept saying the same thing over and over.  Thanks for making a great game! 

This game is really fun to play and gives a lot of difficult challenges to beat from sudden obstacles and improvising a new detours to use. I like how the fourth level is different from the other levels and made a new gameplay tactic on it than driving to the hospital. I would highly suggest playing this game. 20 / 10! 

This is a lovely, cute  game! I love the designs of Rose and Jackie and their interactions  with each other. It’s really sweet. 10 / 10

This game is so cool! I like on how your actions in the game are judged and how it can be analyzed at the end. I read on your presentation and documents on how the game was going to be and even though you couldn’t implement it, I still say it was good idea on judging by the person’s actions instead of their words. Like they always say, actions speak louder than word. 30 / 10. 

This game is very scary and has unexpected jumpscares that will make you jump. I like the story of Isabelle and the cave is a great setting for a horror game. It’s so dark, even with the help of candlelight, so I sometimes miss keys and books on the ground. Also, when reading the books, they would go through the table or the candle. Other than that, this is a great game and I love to play it after it is finished.

This is amazing! It scared me so much with its jumpscare in the clean room scene and other scenes as well  and I was nervous during the entire gameplay. I can’t wait to see the next episode when it arrives. 20 / 10!

This game brings me so many memories of when I watched Twilight Zone with my dad. I like how when you interact with objects and the scenes, you get some answers and a lot of questions from what you’ve seen and try to come up on what happened. I felt sorry for the boy and father, but I don’t know about the mother since she’s not there. I’ll be playing the second episode! 10 /10 

This is a very cute game! The story is very interesting, the characters look amazing, and the backgrounds look lovely and colorful. I look forward to playing the full version very soon! 

This game is fun! I love playing as Virgil the cat and break everything from plates to pillows. I was close to getting caught by the owner and liked joe from when you escape from him, he sighs with his shoulders like he’s saying he gives up. I enjoyed the trophy room as well with the pictures of the cute kitties and breaking things in there as well! Thank you for making this fun game! 

This game is fantastic! The story is heart-warming and almost made me cry at the end. The graphics look great and the voice-acting is good. I like how the uncle tried to cheer her up, but he doesn’t know how to do it very well. I would recommend this game to everyone. 10 / 10. 

This game is fun and gave me  a challenge by playing through the levels, which can range from easy to difficult as I got closer to the end. If you like to play a game that challenges you every step of the way, then this is the game for you. 10 / 10! 

I was so scared when I played this game! From the small noises in the background to the sudden jumpscares, it always made me want to quit the game, even though I persevered through it all. The one problem that I have is the text is really small such as with the letter and the picture. I had to lean really close to read it off of my monitor, so if you could have a way to let us read the text, I would really appreciate it. If you love horror games or if you want to get scared, then play this game! 22 / 10! 

This game is really neat! I like the looks of the game and the characters from the fish to the Bigfoot that Smoke meets on his way home. I noticed that the only difference in the endings is in the good ending Smoke says something, which I couldn’t understand, before the end screen.  20 / 10! 

This game is simply amazing. I love how you can rearrange the words to affect the drawings in the letters and how the adjectives can be used to change the drawing’s appearance. Also, I liked reading the letters between Sarah and Sasha as it reminded me of when I was writing to my pen-pal during my childhood. 10 / 10

This game is fun to play! I like trying to maneuver around the vases and columns to try to place the artifact onto their pedestal without breaking any of the vases. The hardest one for me to go through was in the Greek vases area upstairs. There was no way to go between the three vases in that small cramped space. I would recommend this game to play, especially with family and friends! 10 / 10! 

I have finally played this game and it is simply amazing. I love the gameplay and the story, especially with the dialogue with Josh and his voice actor. Not to mention, the tabs on the internet from Tweeter to playing Tractor Dad while talking with Josh on the phone. The story hits me as I once dated someone who treated me like Josh did to Carlee and I dumped him before he did any more damage. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play it. 10 / 10

Playing as a grim reaper and trying to match to either place is a cool idea! It is neat to see if you get a match if you get it right  or when you get a text if you make a mistake. Even though there’s no music, the grim reaper groans in the background and sometimes makes comments. Thanks for making this game! 

This is really cool! Great voice-acting, story, and gameplay. I feel for Ellen during the entire gameplay when I listened to the voicemails and read the texts. I would recommend this game! Thanks for making it! 

This game is so much fun! You have to get rid of the chickens by either bombs or shooting them out of cannons. I wished there other pirate ships, so I could battle them with my cannon hens. Great game! 10 / 10 

Another amazing game! I love the visuals as well as the storyline because it is relatable to a lot of people like me. Also, I like that you can choose who you wake up next to like a guy or a girl, which is different from the other games I’ve played because the main character is usually a male. I would to see more games like this in the future! Thank you! 

This game is relaxing and has a great storyline about the characters and the city. Not to mention, you can make coffee, lattes, or hot chocolate for the customers while listening to their problems. I would definitely play this game when it’s relwased on Steam. 10 / 10! 

This game is amazing. I wish it would have more gameplay, so I could explore more of the paper world. It was cool to use the cutting power to cut hair and the garden hedges while battling the squid or octopus monster on the boat ride. 10/10! 

At first glance, it seemed like game that’s about going on a blind date with total stranger and it started to become creepy as it goes on with weird things happening around you.  

The story is great, the graphics are neat, and the game gave me a scare as soon it progresses, which made it even better.  I recommend this game  for anyone who wants to play! 

This game is amazing! This is different as it takes one word commands than choosing multiple choice from You Left Me. The story is interesting as you help your client, a victim of abuse from his ex-girlfriend, and find the truth during the incident. With no clues, except for asking your client one question at a time, you have to restart the case each time and try to find more evidence against the ex-girlfriend. I would recommend playing this game and can’t wait to see your next game. Thank you for making this game! 

This game is precise and cordial to explaining mental illnesses such as OCD, eating disorders, misophonia, and other conditions. It made relate in how stressful and distressing of going through college and the importance of taking care of yourself. I know how stressed I was to keep up with numerous assignments in many different classes  while dealing anxiety and stress at the same time. I hope you feel well soon and congratulations on your graduation! 

This game is fun to play! With the challenge of receiving more cats in the mail as you try to feed them and clean them, it makes it more difficult to accomplish if you didn’t have Mark, the grandson, to help out or a ton of money to purchase cat food or heart medication to use. Thank you for making this game fun! 

This game is beautiful. While it is silent other than the song playing, it showed the story through its visuals of the Raven meeting the townspeople and walking into town, carrying his cage. By the end when he received the pinwheel, I thought the game ended until I realized that I have to go backwards to get back home and realized what happened to the people he met on his journey. Thank you for making this game!