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I have a few questions such as the cost of the game and the r-18 content and the future 2 routes being free or paid downloadable content

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Hi! About its cost, it would be around 30-40€. And the R-18 content & both routes will be available as free updates! 

Oh awesome! I've seen some games where the protag switches depending on who's route you're on or you can choose, will either of those be in this game or is the protagonist set as one role when r18 things happens? (loved the demo, im torn between Hyde and Karyl)


All we can say is that, Rave included, the game will contain two Neko, two Tachi and two Teko! We're glad you liked Kary and Hyde! Thanks for playing! 

Great thanks! -silently prays for Hyde to be a neko- The demo was fun and I love the attention to detail, like when you use wind magic the guard never gets his helmet back-- Great touch! I can't wait for the full release!