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Extensions can define macros (named "constants" in the UI) and these work akin to how ones defined in the project do.

If you target an extension ( ), it will be auto-populated, but you might need to reload the project in GM the first time this happens. You should not have to manually copy anything.

I see, thanks for clarification.

I'm attempting to use this to build the project:

haxe -debug -lib sfhx -lib sfgml -cp src -js ../extensions/Haxe.extension.gmx_ -main Class -dce full -D sfgml-assets-path=../ -D sfgml_snake_case -D sf_pretty -D sfgml_local=_

This generates a Haxe.extension.gmx_ file which contains the generated GML code. The original .gmx file remains untouched, and so does the blank script you need to create when setting it up. Is that expected?

I've checked the files with external editors to be sure the IDE wasn't just failing to load changes.
Also, sorry for asking for support here, is there a better/preferable channel?

Please direct your attention to the dot between "gmx" and the underscore afterwards - that's what indicates to modify the extension file. "", not "some.extension.gmx_"

Ideally you'd ask on either itch community or GitHub issues so that other people can find your question later if they have a similar one

Welp, can't believe it was just a typo all this time. Thank you very much!

Is there any way to submit merge requests to the documentation? I couldn't find the directives I asked about, so I would like to help putting them there if possible (even if it means pretty much copy-pasting your explanation).