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Now i can play it on PC Linux (thanks !) This game is quit excellent. I hope you find time and support to extend it. Some suggestion without too much deep thinking :

- new resource, maybe wind (and windcatcher), and heat (with lava pump)

- weather with wind +/- (and maybe direction), sand storm to cut solar panels for one turn, etc

- new tiles, like magma, geyser, plants to get some new source of food...

- new building. Balloon to predict weather. Digger to clean dead lands around its location.

- new map layouts, like crater, river... and different sizes too (i'd like a larger map).

- some mobile parts, like maybe a rover to catch some alien wildlife to breed and eat or science etc

- some tech tree, to have some choices. Like predict the terraform shape, reveal the map further, turn lava into water, dead land into land, increase range of farm, etc

Glad you liked the game. And thank you for suggestions! I gave a small interview recently where I briefly mentioned my ideas for the next update. You can find it here -