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Trashbag is on the left from the entrance door (if you look from inside).

Great feedback, thanks. Tutorial is already implemented for Farlanders: Prologue in a similar way as you describe. Also, I invite you to join our discord. It's not very active yet, but should be more alive after prologue is released.

Unfortunately, at the moment you can't. You have to wait for a proper release on Steam & Although, we are planning to release a free Farlanders: Prologue soon.

Thank you. You can get Steam key by using a form here -

I like art style and music, they create a mood. But puzzles get too hard at the end of the game, especially those with bouncing balls.

I like the idea,  good job. Although, game mechanics feel a little detached from survivors stories. 

I like the concept, well done.

Social Footprints community · Created a new topic Well done

Good game, I like the idea and voiceover. 👍

You are right. I took the music from, it's a very popular resource, so there is a chance that it's not the last time you heard this theme :).

Why? What happened?

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Thanks a lot for such detailed feedback! I agree that terraformation requires improvements. Even more, in my opinion, terraformation is the reason why the older version might feel more fun to play. I see a few problems with it right now:

  • I'm not happy with how maps are generated. Level generator is too random, and maps usually have a lot of free space which can make terraformation unimportant, or even useless.
  • As you pointed out, sometimes terraformation patterns are pointless, and order in which they appear is unpredictable.

Because of that, working on terraformation is one of my priorities in the next major update (0.4). Also, I have a few more ideas on how to improve it:

  • Add option to hide terraformation pattern into the stash for later use.
  • Mineral and water terraformation types are boring in most cases because you just put them near existing resources to get an efficiency bonus. So I'm thinking about adding a new logic. For example, instead of existing "mineral deposits with 2 new mountains nearby" terraformation pattern, there will be a "mineral deposit that requires 2 existing mountains nearby" terraformation pattern.

Not sure if those ideas would be as fun as it sounds to me on paper, but I'll test them.

Thank you for spreading the word. I'm considering adding a science resource and tech tree. Also, consider sharing your feedback in the form - (if you didn't already).

Will do! Thanks for the interest.

For the full game probably yes.

Well, you can disable production buildings to free workers for parks/restaurants. But I agree, that the game is too harsh. I will fix that in tomorrow's patch.

Thanks! Yes, I plan to release the game on Steam. Not sure if I need a publisher now.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll fix the bug that you mentioned in the next small update. Also, what in your opinion was too hard during gameplay? Was it the number of available free workers, limited amount of some resources, or maybe something else? I'm asking because I want to make a little shift in game balance, to make the game a little easier, but to do so I need more feedback on specific rough gameplay parts.

Thank you for sharing a solution! I will include this information in 'Download & install instructions' if you don't mind.

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Great game, well done! The idea is a little similar to terraforming mechanics in my mars colony game. So I might take some inspiration from Tiny Islands :). Also, the combination of high score hashtag with a shared daily level is brilliant.

I guess that's because itch app expects a standalone build for your OS, which is paid that's why you don't have access. I'll try to find a solution with the help of itch support, but I need more details from you. You didn't purchase a full version of the game, right? The game is downloaded, but you can't run it because of the 'no permission' error? If you could provide a screenshot as well, that would be great.

Good point, I will add it to my list, cheers

Thank you, and glad you enjoyed the game. I will add an option to continue after the victory in the upcoming update. Also, terraforming probably will be reworked as well to make it a little more logical.

Your points are valid and they will be addressed in Version 2 of the game.

You can't deconstruct power lines and some buildings because there is no proper energy system in the game. I made it this way not because of the design, but because of the time limitations I had.

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Same problem for me

Thank you! I'm planning to release a new version of the game on mobile. Probably with some delay after PC release.

Glad you liked the game. And thanks for the invitation. Unfortunately, I can't participate with Undervault because it was originally released before 2019, but I already submitted my other game - The Farlanders.

Thank you for such a detailed review! I'm really happy that you liked the game.

Just click on 'New game'. If you have problems playing it in browser you can download a standalone version in the download section of the page.

It was done by Hiq Fox. You can find credits screen if you click on the cube in the top left in the main menu.

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Thank you for your support! I suggest you to force update the page with Ctrl+F5, trying a different browser, or visit support page

Glad you liked the game. And thank you for suggestions! I gave a small interview recently where I briefly mentioned my ideas for the next update. You can find it here -

Hi, I made build for Linux, but I can't guarantee that it would be stable.

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Glad you enjoyed the game. I'll take a look at the contest you mentioned. Thank you!

It means a lot to us, thank you!

Thanks! It's great to hear from you ;)

Wow, looks impressive!  For some reason your screenshot reminded me of:

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Our further work on the game depends on the feedback we will get. I have a vision on how to improve the game, but first I want to be sure if it's worth the time it will take.

Seems like you mastered game mechanics. I never built such a big colony myself. Well done!

Thank you! 

Thanks! Our artist put a lot of effort into graphics, especially in the 'story images'. Glad you liked the style.