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Wow!!! Amazing

One of the best sokoban puzzle games I've ever played. The mechanics are so well implemented and intertwined, the puzzles are creative and engaging. Playing it, one really feels accomplished when the "Aha!" moment arrives. You know the puzzles are well designed because there is no need for a tutorial.

There is just some room for improvement. This game NEEDS more sfx/music. During the long spans of time you spend thinking and testing ideas, the game feels lifeless because of the lack of music. Also, the movement feels a bit clunky, especially when you have to move blocks large distances. There is a bug when you press r then z. 

Otherwise, really, really nice game. I hope to see more from you. Your puzzle design is great. Keep developing! 

Thank you very much! You're definitely right that some music would give it a bit more life. And yeah, I never figured out that bug with restarting - it doesn't affect every browser. And this is just plain PuzzleScript, so there must be some PuzzleScript bug.