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Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you!

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What behavior do you get? While you're in the wall at the start of the game, a single key press should move one space (holding does nothing), and when you're outside of the wall, holding a key should move the character until you let go of the key.

I've tested it in Firefox on my own machines and it works as expected, so it would be great to know what problem you're encountering in more detail so I can fix it!

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On which device/OS/browser? Keyboard or touch controls? What happens?

Thank you! I love hearing that it made people feel like that.

Thank you!

Thank you very much! You're definitely right that some music would give it a bit more life. And yeah, I never figured out that bug with restarting - it doesn't affect every browser. And this is just plain PuzzleScript, so there must be some PuzzleScript bug.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Haha, thank you! You don't want to see the source code! However, I do have a video where I go through the design, if you're interested:


I'm glad you enjoyed that last section - it was very tricky to design!

I'll add your game to my list of recommendations (which are lower priority that other games on my list, but I might get around to it eventually)

Thank you!

Super neat! Felt very satisfying to think about once I started thinking in 4D and could visualize the passages along the extra 2 dimensions.

Oops, thank you - fixed!

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Some others have mentioned something similar. It apparently works in Chrome if you play it from this link: 

To be clear, it works in Chrome for me, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Would be helpful to know if any errors show up in your JavaScript console (ctrl+shift+C, then click the "Console" tab).

Thanks for the feedback and playthrough video! It's always fun to see the moment the trunk mechanic is introduced.

Yeah, some of your problems with the game are definitely legitimate and I certainly would improve those things if I returned to it. My only excuse is that it was made for a game jam, and just implementing the trunk mechanic took up more than half of the time, haha.

Fwiw, the new link will be this because I updated the game:

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Hmmm, a comment below suggested they had the same issue but was fixed by playing at this page: 

I'm not sure what's causing this issue for some people.

Thanks for the kind comment! If you're interested, I did a bit of a developer commentary type thing on my YouTube channel: 

Oh no, sorry. What browser/OS are you using? I had to make a small optimization in PuzzleScript but it might not be fully cross-platform.

I've also just realised the screenshot has a significant spoiler in it, so I'm deleting the post!

Yes, but you are on the right track in general. You aren't done with those left arrows that you've abandoned at the top.

Someone would have to actively choose to watch Competor's video and so would be expecting spoilers, but your screenshot was directly in the comments beneath the game and contained elements that are only revealed later in the game. Hope that makes sense.

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You mean AB.5, right? Slime was not the only mechanic introduced in branch B. Check the sign outside branch B for a reminder.

Correct! You were on the right lines for sure

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You're right, the bomb can't do both of those things.

The theme of the AB branch is exploring what happens when you combine the mechanics from the A and B branches. This level requires an interaction between those mechanics that I don't think you're considering.

I'm going to delete your post because of the spoilers in the screenshot but you should focus on shipping one block at a time over to where you need it. It will make it much easier.

Thank you for the kind words! Your Dom Camus sense is very accurate.

Open an incognito tab and start a new game ;)

If you've got that setup, you're getting close to the answer. When you do that loop, does anything get pushed down from the top row? If so, could you change things around so that the left arrow is the thing being pushed down?

Sorry, was going to do some more updates and post about them together. B.18 changed because it had unintended solutions - the author decided to completely overhaul it, but it explores the same key trick.

You should definitely leave AB.1 until later!

A.8 uses a fun trick. Focus entirely on how you could get the block on the right platform to the left platform.

For the button between B.17 and B.18, you're doing the right thing and extracting the left block is definitely harder. In fact, it's a similar process but with more steps.

The button next to A.2 requires some assistance from outside the puzzle.

Curious, huh? 🤔

This is actually intentional, believe it or not!

Yep, intentional! And no way to repair it. It's a very mean taunt!

You're thinking along the right lines!

This requires a bit of lateral thinking! The sign outside the level is a bit of a clue and the level is very constrained to try to guide your thinking. It's very fun to discover, so I don't want to just say it, but maybe this will have helped. Just think about why each part of the level exists.

It prevents being able to get into some very unintended states.