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6 days until Gigolo Sim's Commercial release! For a FREE COPY AT TIME OF RELEASE, Support me on PATREON!

4/12/19 Update (6 days till commercial release):

-3 new NSFW scenes for when you hook up with the dateable npcs

--Fully finished casino with THREE mini games! (Blackjack, Under/Over, and Slots!)

-Over 40 items to unlock more content and overall mess around with!

-3 new shirt options to customize your Gigolo!

-Fully finished job system with SIX JOB OPTIONS, each with FOUR PROMOTION TIERS!!!

-A sentient taco truck to sell you tacos!

-SIX (and counting) NEW MAPS! Each with unique npcs and content!

-AN UPDATED HUD, that now shows all your stats and gold!

-An item that teleports you directly to your house! (no more walking when you're out of energy!)

-More stupid hidden things to do!