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Haah, I've finally played it, and it was sooo cool!

I'm not usually into bara - honestly if you were not devs I trust completely, I maybe wouldn't have bothered with the game, and it would have been a shame!

Just to be sure I had the best ending - I won against Fabius on day 2 and solved the mystery on day 3 with him helping Aelius. Does that seem right?

Anyway, it was an amazing experience, and I really hope you guys manage to make that extra scene you've talked about as an answer to one of the previous comments - I'd love to have more content with these guys. If that extra scene comes to be, will it be some sort of epilogue that would happen after the story? That would be so great!

By the way, on the last day, is it possible to get the best ending if you don't have the ring with you? Assuming you can avoid getting it on the first day or get rid of it by giving it to the artisan, of course. 

Well, now the wait for My Burning Heart resumes haha!

Thank you for your kind words!

That extra scene is Wolfscade's idea and he's the one in charge of it, so go bother him! lol