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I love how well you guys captured the feeling of those Rhythm heaven games! I could totally see this as an entry. The groovy up-beats were a bit to much for me right outta the gate, haha.  While the audio cues are really the important thing, some warning visuals might have been helpful for finding the initial flow. Great job! I'm super curious how you did some of the button timing, I've been struggling to make small rhythm games .

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Thanks for playing! I originally planned for the Space Walk level to be the last out of four. It's basically just offbeats.

This really helpful article by Yu Chao on Gamasutra provided me with a seed:

Oh! I've seen this one before a while ago! I failed using it for some iterations in the past, but I think that proves I might have been on the right track and just given up too early. Thanks for sparking my desire to try again!

For my project the important part was the array of beats and finding a way to detect input in a fraction of time around those beats. It helps to have your song in a DAW to see the percussion layer and base the point in bpm of beats around something on that layer. In the Space Walk level I used the snare. If you're composing your songs you need to be mindful of which instrument you're gonna base the input on, it's part of the level design.