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Rampage really missed an opportunity to add a destructive snail!
Loved all the effects! Super satisfying to destroy!

Cool theme! The story and concept really drew me in!

A bit of the gameplay feed back was a bit hard to parse. I had a hard time reading that it was the buckets I were the enemies and the brushes were the power ups/collectables. The orbs kinda made sense, but the timing of the color mixing could have benefited from more feed back, imo.

All the assets look super clean and look like a lot of care was put into these characters!
Nice submission!

10/10 would laze again

It took me a second to realize that the colored ducks were my transformed children. Such sweet sorrow to see them grow up and then immediately slaughtered by the enemy. 

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Yeah, it's veeery unfinished, but thanks for taking the time to take a look at it anyways. Time was not on our side this jam, but it was still fun to try and make something spooky. 

I'm glad you enjoyed its brand of silliness! 

Thanks! It was our first time making a game like this! Learning how to use the different tools was fun.

The triangle falling down was the way I threw in to signify "losing". Probably could have implemented something more clear. Thanks for enjoying the atmosphere, that's probably what got the most amount of attention. 

This is how it shows up when I play it. It still functions and kinda feels like an arcade cabinet a bit

Thanks! Glad the idea comes through even with the neglected art assets

Interesting view port, genuinely fun progression!

Nice! Really solid gameplay loop!

The multiple layer of the puzzles felt very good!

As a small note , since I know it's not really meant to be played on browser, but accidentally hitting CTRL +W made me close the window, oops. 

The ducks appreciate you doing your best! 10's a really good score, there are definitely a few games that are pretty hard.

The WarioWare formula worked really well for our collaboration, I'm glad the similarities held up without completely mimicking it. The weightlifting duck is doing it's best and  appreciates the encouragement. 

Thanks a ton for playing! 

The much larger ones are beavers and bears, and can't be defeated by a mere squish!

This game was really fun to make working with the team!

Unfortunately, my computer had a hard time running it for some reason, but the parts I did get to see were interesting

Hmm, don't think I was playing it right, many times my cards couldn't attack even when I hadn't done any actions that turn, and I was a little unclear what the numbers meant on the cards. 
Impressive that you got the AI working in the short amount of time!

It was actually a relatively late addition @finalcoke made to be able to squish the bugs with the mouse and it's brilliant! Had sort of planned to give the bugs slightly bigger detailed sprites, but prioritizing certain mechanics probably played better it's favor. 

Thanks for the feedback and for hosting a fun jam!

Yeah, there's a decent bug with the building ATM. Hope to fix it after the jam. 

Thanks @Jamail did an awesome job with the music and sfx and @Ranyo7 pulled out the stops for our lovely menus and critters! 

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Had fun playing! Crew members died of scurvy, but were loving every minute of it!

Getting a dead hand in a card game does really suck. Maybe adding a muligan option for the first hand would be good. Unfortunately the deck building part is kind of broken, but hopefully it'll work a bit better with a short update; there's so many cards that are in the game but can never show up :'(.   

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback!

Interesting, we tried to make it work on the windowed standalone resolution. But it doesn't scale to fullscreen well probably. That'd be a good post-jam-fix, thanks for the feed back! Glad you enjoyed it!

That's due to one of the biggest bugs :'(. In between each level, you're supposed to get new cards added to your card pool and be able to build up your deck to have higher chances of pulling the cards you want. I hope its a a quick fix we can do after the jam since it's working pretty well in the editor, RIP 

Thanks a ton for giving feedback!

Excellent execution of design! I am a fan of the minimalism of it all

Beautiful technical visual work! Brilliant game. Not sure if the tempo of making the orb glow was supposed to match up with the music, but it might feel nice if it did. Definitely didn't detract from the story 

Interesting way to try and relate a theory to everyday interactions! I am a bit curious on what made you guys pick how much spoons a chat option is worth. Maybe having some kind of interactivity to help the player figure out that criteria might be beneficial too, but that's just a small comment; overall good work!

Real interesting system, lots of potential for narrative. got too hard for me to beat when the flying skulls started to show up, haha

Lovely little life vignette!

 As with most morality(ish?) based systems, there is bit of disconnect for some activities deemed harmful, but the overall idea of achieving work/life balance is very apparent. Love the atmosphere the art and music create!