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Thank you so much for playing it till the end! I definitely had to go a bit abstract with the concept since the mechanics were full of interesting challenges (only one actor can move at a time, you can only have 9 trigger-able  events on each screen, etc) But the limitations with the background tiles and music channels really threw me for a loop. Had to redo almost all the art at least once, haha

I think a good one to look into with unity is platform effectors. They can eliminate a of the "catching" that can happen with static collisions and have platforming bits react a lot smoother

The characterization of these two is really nice! I want to protect these two friends!

Oh no, I've been incinerated! Haha, Lots of collision shenanigans, especially with the aliens?  Had fun

Cool story segments! Creative ways to build complex scenes with limited palette. Battling was pretty tough, the normal attack misses so much! Overall awesome

Really solid metroidvaina! Love the art and gamefeel

It interesting trying to manage your flock. Its easier to control when they're clumped up, but  you risk losing more in the process. Neat little game!

Pretty neat concept! The movement was bit slow, but I liked the overall idea of how to use collectibles.

Cool Game! The pixel art was really great and the mechanics were tight!

Thanks for the feed back, I appreciate you taking the time to comment! I hope to fix the physics/audio issues in the standalone build. I really focused on the tone and atmosphere, so I'm glad those elements came through

Hmm I guess for the multi point bigger nodes, it might be useful to have an audio or visual cue to let you know how many more splits you have? And that's pretty nit picky, almost everything else was pretty clear or self explanatory. 

Oh man! You really do have to keep a whole part of your concentration on the second layer! The split concept went all the way into my BRAIN! Awesome puzzles!

Ah getting the mirror placement perfect was pretty difficult! But good job iterating on a neat idea! It was fun to puzzle through!

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Thanks a ton for playing it through! You definitely got to the end, but I didn't really put in a proper "ending". I truly apologize for the confusion. Ended up trying to prioritize bug squashing, but even that didn't pan out 100%, haha.  I appreciate your time spent on it and your feedback

Its what it says on the tin! Nice work on making a game to the end!

Nice work! I liked the concept of having to switch colors in mid air for most of the jumps! Jumps might feel a bit better if the ground detection field was a little wider, but overall controls worked fine!

I appreciate you taking the time to give it a shot! I happy to hear the rhythm concept was easy to grasp, even with the technical bugs. 

I haven't heard of GDWC, but it looks neat! I'll be sure to give it more of a look. 

Thanks a ton for trying out the game, arttuys! I do really want to fix the mysterious bugs, so thanks for sticking with it! I'm glad the music concept came through as intended!

I can see what you mean from feeling like holding would be better to build up speed. In my mind I thought of kicking to get up higher in a swing with the impulse sort of pushes. But it's been very interesting to see that it wasn't intuitive to everyone and I've been trying to wrack my brain to think of ways to explain that through gameplay. 

Sorry about the scaling of the external player! I mostly tested in windowed mode or on the webplayer and added external as a second thought. But thank you for the feedback! I'll take more care in future projects

Thanks for the feedback! It was certainly challenging trying to convey the correct timing for the jumps, especially since the more I played it the more I got used to it.  

Time was more in place to differentiate score rather than cause a lot of anxiety. I sort of just took the system from Super Mario Bros. 

I hope it get a chance to see some stream footage of other folks playing as I've been having difficulty pinpointing exactly what needs to be tweaked with the jump. Overall, this has been a great exercise in conveying information to the player with minimum exposure and hope to try to implement it into future projects!

Neat! I really all came together! The power ups and sound effects were fun!

Thank you a bunch! Your feed back was really valuable! I actually put in a second level for those who beat the first that focuses on trying to fling yourself as far as you can, thanks to your suggestion! Gah! I'm going to add you and the others that helped me early out to the credits page as playtesters!

I agree, the controls are pretty wonky! Though thing is, at the end there I had gotten so used to their wonkey-ness it was hard for me to try to balance otherwise! I'm glad you ended up liking it regardless!

Oh! I've seen this one before a while ago! I failed using it for some iterations in the past, but I think that proves I might have been on the right track and just given up too early. Thanks for sparking my desire to try again!

Neat idea for movement! It sort of felt like I was controlling feet! I was a little hard at first mapping the colors to left and right. I also made a game this jam that used the Hinge mechanics and I can appreciate the difficulty of balancing the different physic components

Overall amazing job! Not being able to change directions was quite frustrating at times, especially on the third level when there is unavoidable spikes. The color transition felt very good and had neat implementation!

Great idea! Was fun to play through! At times, it was difficult to track which column the small eighth notes were coming down but overall ran well. The piano easter egg was an interesting idea

Was a bit difficult to get the block timming down, but I liked the overall concept and iteration. The art was cool!

Has all of the elements of a fighting game in a small package! Nice iteration!

I love how well you guys captured the feeling of those Rhythm heaven games! I could totally see this as an entry. The groovy up-beats were a bit to much for me right outta the gate, haha.  While the audio cues are really the important thing, some warning visuals might have been helpful for finding the initial flow. Great job! I'm super curious how you did some of the button timing, I've been struggling to make small rhythm games .

The movement/attack action was interesting. You definitely would have to be careful attacking, since that could just throw you into the enemy. While the brackets were useful to see how far you could attack, it was difficult to judge how far you would move. Good implementation on the idea otherwise!

Felt like it could belong as an old Game&Watch game! The rhythm of the drops was very satisfying

I like the overall concept, but the mapping of the rotation change and the food option to the same button made it quite difficult to both pick and aim. The number of things to pick from added to the difficulty. Maybe having a hold/tap function to differentiate could have been better? The art assets and foodstuff looked good and the idea of shoot food at people was quite fun. 

While I like overall idea, the gravity change seemed and odd fit. It was a bit frustrating to try to aim while the fast gravitation sort of felt like jerking the player around. Good execution on the idea, I hope it was fun to make

The panic theme was well executed on! That sandal showed up and things got real serious! I literally laughed out loud at the squish sound effect XD  Nice work~!

Oh no! While I feel bad for all the astronauts that got shot, they should have known better to be running around the landing pad! Haha loved the concept, a bit tricky to control but the visual and sound effect feed back felt nice 

I liked the aesthetics! While I love the minimalism, it was a little hard to tell which way the triangle was facing. I wasn't able to get the music working in the web version. The puzzle concept was good! Clever bits of switch placement!

The aesthetics of the forest and color palette really fit the remixed soundtrack!

Neat! Which game engine did you guys use? This might be a cool idea to port to mobile!

Liked the perspective! This would be a wild game to play in VR!