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This was pretty interesting! I like the gameplay concept and I'm sure once it is complete it'll be a great game! Good job!

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Hi MadPanda! Thank you for playing our prototype! We're going to update the prototype really soon, so the Big Bad Glitches (like the headphone glitch) is Gone! :D and fix  the game flow little by little so it will eventually be smoother and fun! 

We take so much notes from your gameplay video and it is very helpful for us! (and also very fun to watch :D). If you have more input for the game, you can fill the feedback form in this link below :

We really appreciate it,  we hope you'll play the next update of the prototype, and hopefully next time you can reach one of the ending! Thank you so much!

Hi there! The new prototype has come out! I hope you can check it out and play it again!