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Zeikun's route has taken so many twists and turns! I'm so excited that we get to meet characters that were in other routes cause that means I won't miss out on anybody! Good job!

I've played at least one of the endings, and I'm excited to say that I will definitely be playing more. The art and the voice acting is excellent! Good job!

I've finally met all of the love interests! I can't wait until I can start romancing some of them. I really like the characters and their personalities! I do have a question though. Whenever I record this game, the game audio becomes all glitchy and it skips. Is there any way that I can turn the audio off

Another episode in, another part done! I'm liking this game more and more and I have so much fun doing all the voices!

This game is hilarious! It isn't what I usually play but I thought I'd give it a shot and I am so glad that I did! Good Job!

Everything happened so fast, for a second there I was taken aback at the intensity. But I enjoyed every moment of the game so far! I look forward to playing more! Good job!

This game is so fun! I liked making the hard choices and I think I sent the right people to the right places! Good job!

I was asked to do another route, and so here I am. I've noticed that my character likes all the mysterious men who don't give her answers. We'll worm our way into Zeikun's heart, though. I'm sure of it! Liking his route already and am excited to delve back in to your game universe. Good job!

This game is so good so far! I love the characters and how well-written they are! I can't wait to play more! Good job!

So far so good! I am really liking this demo! I find it cool that the main character is a journalist, as that is what I am majoring in. I liked that some of the things that she was taught in school are taught in my university! The art and plot are both amazing and the design of the characters are beautiful! Good job!

I think everyone should play both sides to the story. Even though a lot of the dialogue is the same, you really don't know the two characters unless you play the game multiple times through their eyes. It really humanizes them. Good job!

Another part of the demo done! Thanks for telling me where Emi was, I ran right by her during my last run. I like the puzzles that you've design. They're interesting but not so difficult I couldn't complete them. I do have a question. I'm at the ink brush boss fight and I only have 1 heart left so every time it starts I immediately die. I can't really go back to a previous save point because that would send me back all the way to the Prism Forest. Is there anyway I can gain hearts back or are they gone forever?

The scene at the bar is literally the greatest scene that I have had the pleasure of acting out. Thank you guys so much for including it! I could not stop laughing. I also want to applaud the art style and characters. Everything is so beautiful! I can't wait to finish the demo!

Well, it has finally happened. I have completed the demo! This was probably my favorite part to record because there were so many twists and turns and the character designs that were introduced were amazing and well-thought out. I am proud that I completed the demo and I would like to thank you for the trip it took me on. When the full game comes out, I will gladly and happily play it. Thank you for making this game.

This is a really good game! I played Shelby's side of the story and I liked how it went into her past and emotions on the situation at hand. I can't wait to play Dustin's side next! Good job!

This demo is really good! I like the concept and the art style is amazing! I can't wait to finish, although I'm a little stumped when it comes to finding Emi. Good job!

Another part of the demo done! I'm liking that we are learning about what exactly is going on the village, as the mystery deepens. I am very much intrigued!

I'm liking the story so far a lot! The fact that the backgrounds and sprites are actually animated made me want to play this game and I haven't been disappointed at all! Good job and I can't wait to finish the demo!

I was blown away by how good this game was! I would have never been able to tell that this was your first game! Good job!

Hey this is MadPanda, just wanted to inform you that the first part of Tailor Tales is out on my channel! You did an amazing job creating this game and I am so honored that you allowed me the chance to play the plus version!

Finished the demo and I am loving this game and I am loving all the hard work you guys have put into this! I cannot wait until the game is fully release so I can play it on my channel! Fantastic job guys!

This was a great game! To make a game of this caliber in only 48 hours is amazing! Good job!

I finished the second chapter! I have so many questions after the ending and I am looking forward to the third chapter being released! Good job! I am loving this game!

I played part of the demo and I am blown away by the art, music, and plot! I can't wait to continue playing! Good job!

This was so cute, but also slightly terrifying. The art was really well done and it had a short and concise plot. Good job!

I finally got to the part where you choose your route and I am so excited! Kurato seems like a mysterious individual and I look forward to finding out more about him!

I'm so glad that the second chapter got released! I loved the prologue and I am astounded by how good this game is and looks! Keep up the good work!

So I played another part of the demo and I am just as pleased as I was with the first part! I managed to reach the awesome song and it really set the mood for the game! Keep up the good work!

The demo so far is very good! The art, music, and plot is amazing!

This game was very good! The subject matter is something that needs to be addressed and I am glad that you did so correctly.

This game is interesting and I enjoyed the twists the plot took! Good job!

This game was really interesting! I loved the music, art, and plot! Good job!

This game was really beautiful and I loved how the story played out! I enjoyed the flow and the scenery!

This game was very interesting! I loved the art design and music. This game was well put together in the time constraints given.


The demo was great! The writing was amazing and the art really did make me think of a Tim Burton movie! I will definitely be buying the full game!

The prologue is amazing! The art and characters are nice and interesting. I am invested in finding out what happens next and I will definitely play the next part when it comes out!

So I finished one of the routes and I am definitely loving this game! Here's the next part!

So far this game is interesting! I like the options and the game itself is beautiful!

This was a very interesting demo. The art style is incredible and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and get scared. The story really built up the suspense. I can't wait for the entire game to come out!

This game is amazing! I loved that it was so open with dealing with the tough subjects.