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I completed the other two endings and I really enjoyed the content that was unlocked! I thought it was a great way to end the game! This entire game is so beautiful and at the same time unsettling in atmosphere. I think you nailed the balance between the two! Great job!

This game was so cute! I loved the level designs and controls. I thought this was a well-thought out game. Great job!

It took me a while to complete this part of the demo but I finally managed it! Once you realize what you have to do everything becomes clear. Good job!

Nevermind! I figured it out!

I'm having an issue with the ice cave guardian thing in the caves where we rescued Raph. It just keeps on hardening and using powder to heal itself. Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for the tip about the notes! I'm not the best at puzzle solving. This was a really great demo and I can't wait for the entire game! Great job!

Finished Junoru's route and each route gets better and better! Can't wait to play the final one! Good job!

This game is really good so far! I like the plot and the puzzles, although I'm pretty sure I'm missing something. Where exactly is the ballroom? And is the clock time the combination for one of the locked doors? Other than that I'm having a good time and I can't wait to finish the demo! Great job!

I got one of the endings and I have to say that this entire game has been so good! I really enjoyed the story and characters, as well as that horror influence. I look forward to completing the other endings. Great job!

I really liked the Halloween Special! It was the right mix of haunting and cute and the ending was really nice! Great job!

This game was so good! Normally I don't play horror games but I am so glad that I played this one! It really got me scared and nervous! Good job!

This is pretty good! I liked the mechanics and the story behind it. It was really interesting! Good job!

I enjoyed the atmosphere and the jump scare at the end! I played this as part of my three short horror games and this was the third one I played. Good job!

I played this as part of my three short horror games. This was the second one I played and I enjoyed the visual style! This is a good first attempt at a visual novel! Keep up the good work!

This was pretty good! I liked the design of the monster and how it glitched the surroundings if it was close. It's a nice mechanic! I played this as part of my three short horror games and this is the first one I played! Good job!

This game is great so far! I love that you are able to physically move around and inspect things instead of just reading and progressing. Good job!

I've dealt with so many supernatural creatures in my playthroughs. The creativeness you have when creating characters and plot points is astonishing. Great job!

Another episode down! In this one I really got into the morality of the game, as I had to start making choices that would shape how characters interacted with each other. I look forward to delving deeper into that! Good job!

This game is so good! I loved the aesthetic and the design of the house. It really drew me into the game! Great job!

I finally met all of the main characters, I think. I love how you managed to make all of them completely different. You really put a lot of time and effort into this game! Good job!

I started playing the Halloween Special, and so far I'm loving it! I like the atmosphere and the plot and the costumes the characters wear are both amazing and cute! Can't wait to finish it! Great job!

This was a really good game! I liked how the different options could lead to vastly different results and how the story progressed. Good job!

This was such a good game! I love all of the games that you make and I look forward to playing more of them! Good job!

This game is getting intense! We've started to delve into more serious matters but the fact that you can still make this game so funny and amazing speaks measures about how much time and love you put into the game! Great job!

I finally got a happy ending, sorta! As happy as I could get in this game. That just really shows how well written this game is, as every choice you make is not good or bad. You just have to make a choice to survive, and that's a great aspect in a good game! Great job!

I liked that there was down time for the characters to reflect and prepare instead of just throwing them into the next quest.! It really shows that you like developing and advancing your characters' growth! Good job!

I love this game so much! All of the love interests are so interesting and I have no idea which route I'll choose when the full game comes out! Great job!

I love these games! They are really fun to play and remind me of particular episodes from the Twilight Zone! I can't wait to play more games by you! Good job!

I finally managed to beat one of your games and I love the challenging aspect of them so much! I got scared so many times! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Good job!

I really liked this game! It was haunting and the gameplay was good. Good job!

I really enjoyed this game! I liked the plot and characters! Also, the reason I was playing the older version was that the app would only let me download the old version. The game was really good! I'm glad I got to play it!

I finished Zeikun's route and started Junoru's. I love how each route is so different from each other and all of the love interests are just so intriguing! Good work!

I'm really enjoying the combat style so far. I like how you change it for each character. It keeps the combat from seeming repetitive. Good job!

I made many bad choices this round and I am determined to save as many people as I can! You guys make every choice seem like a good one because the writing is just so good! I'm loving this game!

I think I've met all the love interests so far and I like each and every one of them! The writing for this game is amazing and it is so believable! Good job!

This is a really good game! I've only played part of it so far but I'm liking everything! Good job and I can't wait to finish it!

This game is getting more and more intense! It is really keeping me on my toes and I am loving every minute of it!

I'm so bad at these games but I can't stop playing them! They are so good and they are really well made! Good job!

This was so good! I loved experiencing the world around me! Great job!

I'm loving this game so much!