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I thought this was really good! The atmosphere really got to me and I look forward to playing the full release! Great job!

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I thought this game was great! It really speaks to a lot of people who are graduating and are facing their futures. Great job!

I thought this was very interesting. I enjoyed the art and game mechanics, although I'm not that good at platformers. I think the full release will be great. Good job!

I always enjoy the games you make! I love the art style and how the game is both beautiful and unsettling. Great job!

This was so beautiful! I think this really speaks to a lot of people and I'm glad I got to experience it! Great job!

This was really interesting! I was always a huge fan of Fran Bow and I can definitely see the resemblance. I'm excited for the full release! Great job!

This was pretty interesting! I like the gameplay concept and I'm sure once it is complete it'll be a great game! Good job!

I thought this game was lovely! The characterization was so cute and I loved the characters' relationships with each other. You always make great games! Amazing job!

This was really good! I'm not the best at finding contradictions so I didn't get very far but I was impressed with what I did see! Great job!

This game was really interesting! I liked the concept and the story kept me guessing till the very end! Good job!

This was so beautiful! I loved how the music really told a story and the atmosphere and graphics just really sold it! Amazing job!

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This was really good! I couldn't finish it but everything I saw was amazing. I can't believe you did this in 14 days! Great job!

I got one of the endings, although it wasn't the happy one! The ending was so emotional and I can't wait to get the other endings! Great job!

I finally finished the demo and I am so excited for the entire game to come out! I have so many questions that need to be answered and there are still some quests that we need to complete! The plot, music, combat, and characters are amazing and I was so drawn into the world. This truly was an excellent game! Amazing job!

This was an interesting game! I thought the graphics were so lifelike and the texts seemed like things people would actually send. Overall, this was a good game! Good job!

This game was equal parts fun and challenging. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did I loved playing it. Great job!

This is so good! I loved that you really focused on asexuality and aromantic attributes and stayed true to them! There isn't a lot of representation available and I'm glad that I got to play an amazing example of it. Amazing job!

I love the art and story of this game so much! The characters seem so relatable even though they are superheroes and I really enjoy their personalities. Great job!

I liked how this game subverted my expectations. Things I thought would be acceptable later turn out to be disrespectful to the spirit. It made me think about what exactly I was doing. Great job!

Oh I don't have a twitter but I would appreciate it if you told people to subscribe!

This was cute! I liked that you had to think about what each character wanted, and they were all distinctly different. I'm happy with who I ended up with! Good job!

This was so beautiful! I loved just watching the sky change colors as the boat moved! It was great. Good job!

I'm getting closer and closer to the end and I'm so worried for everybody! I love your characters so much, which shows just how good you are at writing them. I have been absolutely amazed by this entire game! Great job!

This was pretty interesting! I had some issues finding the three girls while playing hide and seek, as they were pretty hard to see. I liked the idea that certain choices you made caused your time limit to be decreased, as you had to choose your words carefully when talking to others. I thought that I just had to wait for the time limit to be reached so I could go to my parents' trial, but that just caused a game over. Was there a specific person or place I had to go to in order to instigate that? Other than those questions, I had a great time and this was a good game! Good job!

I really liked this! I thought the art and atmosphere was amazing and this really reminded me of Fran Bow, which I love. I can't wait to play the full game! Great job!

I liked the game a lot! I thought it was fun having to make those hard decisions, and the fast gameplay really made me make fast choices and choose who lived. Great job!

This game was so good! Just hearing the ambient sound and the child's voice really freaked me out. You guys managed to make a really terrifying experience with a mysterious story. Great job!

This is such a trip! There's so many twists and turns and it was amazing. I had so much fun playing this! Great job!

Things are getting really serious! It took me so long to sneak past the rebels, but it was so rewarding when I finally got past them. I think I'm getting closer to the end, so I look forward to what else is in store! Great job!

This game was interesting. I enjoyed the concept of cloning reducing the character's sanity. It is a concept that isn't really focused on in gaming and I liked that it played such a large part in the game. Good job!

I enjoyed this game a lot! I thought the art and music was enchanting and the puzzles weren't too hard or too simple. You managed to make a balanced game and I look forward to the full version! Great job!

This is so good! I love the art and the atmosphere! I can't wait for the entire game! Great job!

I really enjoyed this! The art and style is simply amazing and every card looks completely different! Great job!