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Hi! I just finished this game today and I absolutely loved it-- that I had to make an account here just so I can share my thoughts. This game has been sitting on my pc files for a while now but didn't have the chance to play. I kind of regret not playing this sooner!! I didn't have internet yesterday so I thought 'eh, why not' and gave it a shot. I chose Rama first since I wasn't aware of the suggested route order (although after I was done with Rama's good end, I realized that I should've played Mitra first based on how things were going so I played him second, and Reksa last)

Anyway, I thought I wouldn't like Mitra at first (or his route in general) since he seemed like the 'perfect guy type' (and well he was-) but I absolutely loved his route, it was so much fun and sweet. I didn't expect that I will enjoy and love it as much as I did in the other routes. I laughed a lot! <3 It was an amazing ride.

Rama, I loved him the moment Tamara met him!! So I had to go through his route first, I thought. I read in one of your responses here that if you were to choose a 'true route', you'd choose Rama, and I'm glad you think so. He's definitely the one that needs "someone" the most. I love that boy so much-- I got shocked and sad when I found out what happens to him if you weren't going for his route :'c As I was playing Mitra and Reksa's route, I had the urge to finish their routes already so I can replay Rama's! lolol but after Reksa's route.. oh man. Reksa got me SHOOKT, his route was so good!! It's like, if I were to have a bias here, it'd be Rama and Reksa would be my bias wrecker!! HAHAHA The ending was so good. It's IMPOSSIBLE not to love Reksa, imo.

1) tl;dr I love Rama, his character in general makes me feel that I just want to give all the love and support to protect this precious boi (or more like he'll protect me instead--)

2) Yes, I do. I'm a student so I try my best to find free visual novels here and there (but I still buy games when I can)

3) I think the best would be the story and overall theme. It's really interesting as I don't know much about different cultures, I like how they were based from actual animals and actual traditions. I liked that I recognized the fruits too (as we have it in the PH as well). The art, sprites, and colors fit the game's atmosphere for me. I don't know much about art but I'm sure you will improve even more in the future! I really love their expressions btw!

4) Will this ever have a sequel/special/story that talks about what happens after the game? (probably not) And will Bermuda Triangle be a free game?

Thanks for the fun adventure! <3 I haven't played the bad endings yet as I'm scared how it'll turn out but I hope I get the courage when I decide to play it again!

Hi stardust! Congrats on getting all the happy endings and thank you for loving all my boys >\\\< also, thank you for giving my VN a chance and I'm really glad to hear you love it! 

It's night over here and your comment just made my day brighter^///^ it's been a long time since Winged Ones is released so to see people still love my boys today means so much to me.

1. Thanks! I still have a lot to learn in grammar department, but I'll always do my best to improve and make good story!

2. Me too--honestly, we need more otome games/translated ones :'3

3.  Yup, I agree! I still have lots of rooms for improvement >< Winged Ones had gone through 3 layers of proofreaders before it reached oday's level and if not for them, I'm sure people will comment about my grammar everywhere x'D as for art well, I'll do my best to reach the level of those big guns! >:D 

The indonesian tradition was a gamble but I'm very happy to see you like it!

4. Hmm I'm afraid there won't be a sequel, but you can find fanfics in wattpad ^.^- one in particular is created by one of my proofreaders: "Nusantara: Taming a Dragon ( ReksaxOC)" or more mature ones like "Anak Manusiaku yang Manis (RamaxTamara)" >< the last one is created by a fan~

As for Bermuda, since the story length is almost triple Winged Ones, it will be commercial :'3 the normal price is $15 but you can still get an early bird package which is $10 if you click that big yellow paypal button on the game page~

Lastly, I also personally don't like to read bad ends, but I've been hearing good things about Winged Ones bad end~ one of them is also one of the best scenes I've ever written!

Thank you for visiting and dropping me this lovwly comment, Stardust! ^.^- I hope to see you around!



Thank you for the fanfic recommendations! <3 I did see some comments expressing their thoughts about grammar, I honestly didn't notice much grammar errors in the game so I didn't mention anything about it (or maybe I was reading too fast to notice). I have the urge to replay the game but I must resist-- the longer I miss it, the more I'll love it even more, haha~ Good luck with Bermuda Triangle! Fighting!

Again, thanks for the adventure~