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WHY ARE THERE NO COMMENTS ABOUT THIS IT'S SUCH A MASTERPIECE ASDMASIDUHASDIUASHDIASUD I honestly didn't know what to expect, I was so surprised with the content of this game amsxciduyfgaisdasd I RATE THIS ABS/10!!

Thank you for the fanfic recommendations! <3 I did see some comments expressing their thoughts about grammar, I honestly didn't notice much grammar errors in the game so I didn't mention anything about it (or maybe I was reading too fast to notice). I have the urge to replay the game but I must resist-- the longer I miss it, the more I'll love it even more, haha~ Good luck with Bermuda Triangle! Fighting!

Again, thanks for the adventure~

Hi! I just finished this game today and I absolutely loved it-- that I had to make an account here just so I can share my thoughts. This game has been sitting on my pc files for a while now but didn't have the chance to play. I kind of regret not playing this sooner!! I didn't have internet yesterday so I thought 'eh, why not' and gave it a shot. I chose Rama first since I wasn't aware of the suggested route order (although after I was done with Rama's good end, I realized that I should've played Mitra first based on how things were going so I played him second, and Reksa last)

Anyway, I thought I wouldn't like Mitra at first (or his route in general) since he seemed like the 'perfect guy type' (and well he was-) but I absolutely loved his route, it was so much fun and sweet. I didn't expect that I will enjoy and love it as much as I did in the other routes. I laughed a lot! <3 It was an amazing ride.

Rama, I loved him the moment Tamara met him!! So I had to go through his route first, I thought. I read in one of your responses here that if you were to choose a 'true route', you'd choose Rama, and I'm glad you think so. He's definitely the one that needs "someone" the most. I love that boy so much-- I got shocked and sad when I found out what happens to him if you weren't going for his route :'c As I was playing Mitra and Reksa's route, I had the urge to finish their routes already so I can replay Rama's! lolol but after Reksa's route.. oh man. Reksa got me SHOOKT, his route was so good!! It's like, if I were to have a bias here, it'd be Rama and Reksa would be my bias wrecker!! HAHAHA The ending was so good. It's IMPOSSIBLE not to love Reksa, imo.

1) tl;dr I love Rama, his character in general makes me feel that I just want to give all the love and support to protect this precious boi (or more like he'll protect me instead--)

2) Yes, I do. I'm a student so I try my best to find free visual novels here and there (but I still buy games when I can)

3) I think the best would be the story and overall theme. It's really interesting as I don't know much about different cultures, I like how they were based from actual animals and actual traditions. I liked that I recognized the fruits too (as we have it in the PH as well). The art, sprites, and colors fit the game's atmosphere for me. I don't know much about art but I'm sure you will improve even more in the future! I really love their expressions btw!

4) Will this ever have a sequel/special/story that talks about what happens after the game? (probably not) And will Bermuda Triangle be a free game?

Thanks for the fun adventure! <3 I haven't played the bad endings yet as I'm scared how it'll turn out but I hope I get the courage when I decide to play it again!