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i really like the chase music that was put in this game, it can really catch players off guard, nice work. oh and btw i was kinda thinking that u could actually make SUNKY as its own seperate game, im not saying i really want it, but its just a thought.

Ah yeah, I have plans to make SUNKY a standalone game in the future. Hopefully sometime this year if I get the chance!

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Dave you are still developing Around the clock at bikini bottom when will the game release. So in the previous games you made are Bunky, Tunky. And who is Sunky.

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I'm hoping to release Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom in Fall this year. As for your second question, SUNKY is the sister of those two UNKYs, and I thought, "Why not complete the trilogy with a game called SUNKY". Lol.