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Dave Davidson

A member registered Apr 09, 2019

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Is it me or does Chumbo just know where you are at absolutely all times? Because it seems like once he sees you, there's no getting away from him since he will not stop going in my direction if he finds me once.

This game is a masterpiece. Totally worth the wait.

I find this game so much more fun by turning the gamma setting to its darkest, it makes the game much more challenging.

Really? I have never heard of an event where 2 of them can spawn. If what you're saying is true, then that's really interesting.

i believe i have encountered a bug in this game where there were 2 bunky's in the map at once! I have no idea how it happened.

good luck with making around the clock bikini bottom dave im really hype for it.

i recommend to use 7-zip, its free and really easy to use

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oh and by the way, i noticed that if you play old school mode, there is a chance that you can encounter DUL, does that mean you can encounter the other monsters from stfbts as well?

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i have a feeling there will be another sequel to this series due to what barney barnacle says at the best ending, but also do you think you could add a custom mod to stfbts as well?

im kinda suprised that you actually worked a bit on this game after such a long time, and that secret where you can summon all the monsters, thats so hard because they're EVERYWHERE

every time i deal with barney barnacle i always sh*t my pants because of how FRIGGIN huge he is!

i really like the chase music that was put in this game, it can really catch players off guard, nice work. oh and btw i was kinda thinking that u could actually make SUNKY as its own seperate game, im not saying i really want it, but its just a thought.