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Coudn't really figure out how to control P2 (using keyboard)

Oh..really sorry about that!

Player 1 has A and S keys for movement and W for jump and double jump.

Player 2 has left and right arrows for movement and up arrow for jump,there will be circular grappling points like this shown below.Player 2 can grapple hook by pointing the mouse in those grappling points,click and holding.

we were not able to implement the tutorial screen at the last time and we are sorry for that because it made the entire game more confusing for a lot of people.

Hope u will try our game again!!


Oh I have to click on that thing to use the hook! I saw on the tutorial on the menu, but was trying to click anywhere on screen, thought that round thing was a collectible!

Oops..its the grappling point,we failed to mention it.We were rushing at the last time so we could not even make a proper controls  or tutorial menu,sorry for that.

Thanks for the trying out our game!!