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I think the writing is super solid and made me anticipate for more in the beginning! I stumbled upon what I think is the bug with the pronoun picker - I assume one of the first events (with king/queen/ruler choice etc.) is made to script the pronouns, but it ends up with sentences like "you drink from your neck". Also, the endings are pretty abrupt - it would be great to at least know it IS the ending with a simple "The end" at the bottom of the text, as I was looking for continuation buttons everywhere :D Thank you for your game! 

Thank you!
My original idea was to be able to personalize the gender of both characters, but I ran out of time and had to cut out the feature (and rush the ending :\)

I will definitely expand and polish the game after the jam, though. Players deserve to choose how much gayness they want in a game, in every shape and form.