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About time I broke my silence here.

It's been awhile. Pardon me for my absence, for the Aquarium has given me the opportunity to create creatures unlike any I've done before. Here's a taste of what I've been up to:

After studying several sessile Cra'than specimens, I went ahead and attempted to create one of my own. The result was The Doomsayer (pictured above), a writhing mass of zooids tethered to the environment (seen here in a simulated Cra'than habitat). This thing originally started out as a core, looking like this before steadily anchoring itself:

As stated earlier, this is but a taste of what I've done. I've been busy creating and re-creating various creatures, and I hope to show more soon.


Holy hell this looks really cool. I imagine small Siphos running into that thing and getting eaten. Looks very organic and natural. Even makes me want to add these kind of "obstacles" to the game.