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Disabled all elemental augments; my guys are still healing enemies sometimes?!

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Your allies will still heal on elemental magic attack (for example, casting Fire at a fire based creature).  This is to force the player to use some sort of strategy with the enemies.  If you cast Water at a Fire basted creature, you do extra damage for example.  Also, I did not want the player to just cast "Lightning All" blindly a every set of enemy - I wanted the player to think a little about the more efficient way to take out the enemies given their resistances.  That said, you should no longer be healing via physical attacks - like "Super Slash".  If that is still happening, it is possible that the plugin update did not change the existing weapon fragment augment in your saved game.  To work around, simply remove the  "Fire Fragment" or whichever fragment you currently have installed in Echo's sword and that should fix the problem.