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That is a pretty neat idea. I'm thinking of this something like with Quiet Age's projects where there is a timer counting down to actually resolving a project. All along you'd be defending various interventions like raising taxes, issues, and people would be trying to disrupt it politically (possibly resulting in cancelled projects) and you still only find out about it after you put a bunch of other stuff in play. It's a brilliant idea, possibly best suited to a game inspired by Microscope or Quiet Year that allows the global or regional scale to be the focus with zoom ins for scenes.

Aah, I know of The Quiet Year, but have never read it (I'm a big fan of Ribbon Drive, though, by the same author). I guess I should get it sometime :-D

Thanks for the reply!


no worries. I love weird ideas. The basic mechanic of Quiet Year is a map and card based hard decisions as well as creating projects. If you listen to the first story arc of An Atlas of the World Unknown podcast, it gives a pretty good idea of the mechanics though it does hack it to include some other stuff like Spindlewheel and his own hacks. But it shows how the projects work and can be canceled and that sounds like it really serves your idea.