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I played it again with new updates and I love it! Characters are well written, story is rushing ahead, creepy moments, texting, importance of looking into game files  (I can't wait for Yumi route though) - and backrounds don't look inapropriate at all! I like both versions of the game, and it's really refreshing.

Yumi route is currently available after you complete the other three! There was originally a reason for this, long term, but I’m rebalancing how the story unfolds. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it thus far! thank you very much for your comment!

Doki Doki Literature Club was the first dating sim(ish) visual novel to have importance in looking in the game files, so... But I do agree that the game is good! :3

Random comment but hello! Yeah, I'm aware, it's one of the inspirations for me doing this game! But I'm gonna do my own thing with it!