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On the other hand, the mystery person (btw I went in the files and saw the bowl of something (I forgot what it was) with a face in it which was hilarious XD) is a different approach in things from DDLC. It's the way you did the glitching and the game files that make me notice the similarities.

Ok, I think you should make the inspiration behind it more clear, because I can't find any mentions of DDLC. And you should probably also put it on the game page. Idk... it just seems a lot like DDLC in some ways. I didn't like it especially when people thought you came up with the idea of looking in the game files, and the creepy glitched out parts.

When I played the game I went in Kana's route and I kind of regretted it afterwards because of how over confident she was being :p Also, Haruka is hilarious... And I loved the texting thing, especially when Haruka spoke with her terrible grammar :3

Thanks for being nice about it! :) I do really like the game, and everything apart from the glitching parts and character files are very different from DDLC. Sorry I gave it a 1 star rating, I've just had the ideas in my  games (not on here, on another coding website) used without giving credit and it really hurt my feelings. I kind of let my feelings toward stuff like that change my rating, so I'm sorry :( I think maybe you should give credit to DDLC for inspiration somewhere in the game, like in the credits, or on the game page. I'll give it a higher rating, because it does deserve it, I was just a bit upset when I rated it that.

Doki Doki Literature Club was the first dating sim(ish) visual novel to have importance in looking in the game files, so... But I do agree that the game is good! :3

The game is really, really good though! :) I like the characters especially! I mean, I haven't seen much of the game yet since It's unfinished, so I can't really tell if It's going to be like Doki Doki Literature Club when It's finished.

This game is starting to remind me of Doki Doki Literature Club... Not meaning to be rude.